The Wake Forest Four Corners?

Andy back! Once again, I’m going to recommend focusing on timing and wagering strategy during this Kids Week!

Ryan Elkins, Bensalem, PA
Krissy Brzycki, Indianapolis, IN
Adam Barrow, Greensboro, NC

In his interview, Adam said that he was a Wake Forest fan. You’d think Adam was a Tar Heels fan the way he was playing “Four Corners”, though! He took FOREVER to select clues. It felt difficult to watch. In fact, we didn’t even get the Daily Double revealed in the Jeopardy! round!

We did get to both of them in Double Jeopardy!, though!

On the first one, you’ve got 6400; your opponents have 8200, 4000 (it’s a 1600 clue, 20th clue of the round)

You’re probably dealing with a medium-difficulty Daily Double at $1,600 so I’d probably take category confidence into account a little bit. Definitely bet for the lead, though!

(Krissy bet $2,000.) On the clue itself, you could see her straining to see the picture. As a tip: Make sure you can see at distance!

The final one was a Penultimate Wager for Ryan. He had 16600, his opponents 8400, 5200.

Obviously $201 is the lower bound. But what’s the upper bound of “good” wagers?

At $12,601 and higher, you’re still in a “crush game” scenario if you’re wrong. So really, you can bet anywhere between $201 and $3,999. That said, the higher you go, the more you can bet in Final with your lock game and the more money you can win!

(Ryan bet $400. He got it right for his lock game.)

In Final:
Ryan 17000 + 100 = 17100
Krissy 8400 + 2000 = 10400
Adam 5200 – 5197 = 3

KINGS & QUEENS: Technically this monarch is the head of state of 16 countries including Jamaica and New Zealand