Peter goes for win #2

     Yesterday, Peter McGillicuddy defeated a two-time champ in a lock. Let’s see what he does today.


     Sorry but only one picture has uploaded as of now. I can add the other two later if you want.
     At the first break:
Peter 1800 (4 right and one wrong)
Mindy 3800 (7 right!)
Travis 800 (3 right)
     Peter found the Daily Double of the round in 5,5. (Each response consists of two words, each 5 letters.)
Peter 3600 (2 right)
Mindy 5000 (2 right and one wrong)
Travis 2400 (3 right)
     I expected Peter to wager conservatively, and he did (1200) on this clue: “Dissenting in Hammer v. Dagenhart, Oliver Wendell Holmes said the excessive use of this work force was evil.” I got this but Peter didn’t. Trebek said then there was less than a minute left in the round. Three clues were left on the board.
Peter 2400
Mindy 5400 (One right)
Travis 3000 (One right)
     Mindy answered a clue about Africa correctly just before finding the first Daily Double of Double Jeopardy. She’d been to Africa as a student!
Peter 2800 (One right)
Mindy 7000 (2 right)
Travis 4600 (2 right)
     Mindy wagered 2500 on this clue in Point “A” to Point “B”: “One a state capital, these 2 cities on AmTrak’s Empire Service fill the bill.” She was right! But then she is from New York.
     I haven’t seen this movie in 21st Century Movie Quotes, but even I knew this just thanks to watching the Oscars: “‘Look at me–I’m the captain now.'” Yay, Travis found a Daily Double there!
Peter 6000 (2 right and one wrong)
Mindy 13100 (2 right)
Travis 5400 (One right)
     I hoped Travis would wager it all, but he chose 2500 on this clue: “‘Your final answer for 20 million rupees.'” I knew this one too. So did Travis. Then I swept 11-Letter Words and Travis too went on a tear. So did Peter, then! We got another time warning but we saw all the clues. How did Mindy lose that huge lead?!
Peter 15200 (7 right)
Mindy 13500 (One right)
Travis 13500 (5 right)
     The Final Jeopardy category was U.S. Presidents. This was the clue: “The first man in the 20th C. to hold all 4 federally elected offices: Congressman, Senator, Vice Pres. & President.” Travis was wrong and he lost everything. 🙁 Mindy was wrong and she lost everything too! Peter was wrong and lost 11801. (I was wrong too.) So we’ll see Peter tomorrow! Do you think he was the most worthy?
     I didn’t track my Coryat today – I’d like to watch Husker basketball online at 7 and I think I’ll have to go where there’s wifi for that.

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