Peter tries for win #3

     So will I have to update the ToC list today for Peter McGillicuddy?

Ryan Pensyl
Jennifer Gilmore

     I would’ve swept TV: Who Played ‘Em except for this last clue: “Illya Kuryakin & Dr. Donald ‘Ducky’ Mallard.” I’ve never heard of the correct response!
     I said what turned out to be a correct response later, on this one in There Will Be “Blood”: “A vein or an artery, functionally.” Then I said what Jennifer did on this one in U.N. Animus: “‘President Reagan, Rambo only exists in movies,’ said Daniel Ortega, warning the U.S. against invading this country.”
     At the first break:
Peter 1800 (5 right and one wrong)
Jennifer 1200 (3 right and one wrong)
Ryan 3000 (6 right)
     I don’t know about you but I was sorry Trebek hit two of Ryan’s stories instead of one! I loved Ryan’s muscle-man pose. And I loved his Dr. Evil impression! I bet it started when someone told him he looked like Dr. Evil.
     I don’t know how this was a triple-stumper, in There Will Be “Blood”: “A layer called the omentum causes lots of problems when it stores fat; one is that your kidneys, deprived of space, raise this, measured in mmHg.” You didn’t even need to know “blood” would be in the correct response! Nor did you need to be paying much attention!
     I said what Peter did on this one in Oh, the Humanities!: “1874’s ‘The Moldau’ by this composer depicts his beloved Czech landscape.” It was a triple-stumper. Shall I just tell you now I had almost as much in negs as I did in correct responses, in the Jeopardy round?
     Jennifer found the Daily Double of the round in Stock Symbols.
Peter 1800 (3 right and one wrong)
Jennifer 2800 (3 right)
Ryan 4000 (One right)
     We had already gotten the less-than-a-minute warning. Jennifer only wagered 1000 on this clue: “LVB, the former symbol for Steinway musical instruments, honored this man.” I got this one. Jennifer didn’t. Ryan got the last clue of the round right for 600.
     Jennifer found the first Daily Double of Double Jeopardy too, in Name That Song.
Peter 1800
Jennifer 3800 (2 right)
Ryan 7000 (3 right)
     She wagered 1800 on this easy clue: “Buddy Holly named this song for his drummer’s girlfriend.” She got it right.
     Peter found the next Daily Double in Oh, Hi, Ohio!
Peter 3800 (2 right)
Jennifer 6000 (One right)
Ryan 9800 (2 right)
     I doubt I need to remind you that Peter is known for wagering small. This time he chose 2000, on this clue: “Courtesy of Genoa, Italy, a 20-foot statue stands in City Hall Plaza in this city.” Peter and I got it right. Imagine if he and Jennifer had wagered more!
     I got this triple-stumper in French Lit, and that was before Ryan negged: “In 1845 this pere continued the story of a certain trio in ‘Twenty Years After.'” I like Ryan but he takes too long to select!
     I got this triple-stumper in French Lit: “Here is Amantine Lucile Aurore Dupin, known by this pen name; she loved Chopin in more ways than one.”

     At the end of the round:
Peter 9000 (2 right)
Jennifer 10800 (4 right)
Ryan 14600 (5 right)
     The Final Jeopardy category was The Bible. Here is the clue: “The first birthday celebration mentioned in the Bible takes place in Genesis 40 & is in honor of this ruler.” Peter was wrong and he lost everything. (Phew, no change to the ToC list.) Jennifer lost 4000 with her incorrect response. Ryan was wrong and he lost 7001. That’s enough to come back tomorrow!
     My Coryat today was 18800 (22400 without negs).

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