Quick recap – September 23, 2015

     Today’s contestants:

Barbara Gao
Austin Yates
Dylan Parson

     I noticed Barbara’s beauty queen pose (and didn’t like it) as she was being introduced. Still, I was surprised when she said something in her interview about competing in beauty pageants! Once again, I am blogging without a DVR. And once again, I didn’t catch scores! I had to look elsewhere since I knew no one would help me: (Thanks guys.)

     The final, in Historical Legislation: “In 1820 Jefferson called this bill ‘the knell of the union,’ saying ‘a geographic line…will never be obliterated.'”
Dylan: 13500 + 5700
Austin: 10600 + 8000
Barbara 7800 + 7800
     So, Dylan will be back tomorrow!

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