Throwback Thursday – September 24, 2015 (2007 TRASHionals)

Here’s the second of our Throwback Thursday posts! This one has “broken the rules” slightly in the fact that it was from before the beginning of The Jeopardy! Fan – but I think it’s an interesting picture nonetheless!

This one was taken back was when I was still playing quiz bowl for Brock University and I attended TRASHionals in 2007! There are 11 people facing the camera in the picture; 10 of them have been on Jeopardy (I hope that this becomes 11 eventually, obviously).

Those 10 people have won, as best as I can count:
– 31 regular season games
– 2 Tournaments of Champions
– $1,273,606 in total (+ a Tahoe, Jaguar, and 2 Camaros)

Which Jeopardy! luminaries can you name?

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