Quick Recap – October 14, 2015

Andy here! Interestingly enough, I met Sally from today’s episode at the Kansas City auditions (we were staying at the same Airbnb). She had auditioned the day before, and I credit the chat I had with her in the morning before my own audition to be mostly responsible for how well things went for me on July 1! (Thank you so much, Sally.) Now on to the recap with Jeanie:

Today’s contestants:

Sally Hatfield, an English as a Second Language instructor from Lakeview, MI
Michael Baker, a travel media editor from New York, NY
Matt Jackson, a paralegal from Washington, DC(13-day champ, $411,612)

     Does Matt look tired to you today? And does Michael look like Mark Japinga behind his lectern?
     Nice of Matt to own up to being wrongly credited with a correct response, after the Jeopardy round.
     I tried to keep track of my Coryat, but somewhere I got lost and the last two clues on my Jeopardy board didn’t match what was on the TV. Which means I got up and walked around during Double Jeopardy. 😉

Final Jeopardy category: U.S. Landmarks

Final Jeopardy clue: “For its 50th anniv. in 2012, the roof of this landmark was temporarily repainted its original color, galaxy gold.”

Matt 17800 – 17401
Michael 17600 – 2399 (winner)
Sally 7600 – 7600

(contestant photo credit: jeopardy.com)

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