Comparing Matt Jackson to the Decade’s Other Long Streaks – Part 2 (Other Statistics)

Here is Part 2

In Part 1, I compared Matt Jackson to Ken Jennings, Arthur Chu, David Madden, and Julia Collins in terms of their number of correct responses. Here is Part 2, where the five players are compared in terms of their performance on Daily Doubles, %age of lock games, and average Coryat score.

As you can see, Matt seems to have a very strong knowledge of what he knows and doesn’t know, and is using that knowledge to maximum effect thus far on the Daily Doubles, picking up over $100,000 on those clues alone! Of course, the Daily Doubles are much higher-variance, so an opponent able to take out those Daily Doubles might certainly leave him more vulnerable.

Matt still has a higher Coryat score than Arthur, Julia, and David. Those streaks, however, were before The Final Wager and The Jeopardy! Fan brought strategy more into the forefront; information on how to end a long streak wasn’t as readily available as it was even two years ago!

We’ll see what happens tonight as Matt makes his 14th appearance.