Quick Recap – November 10, 2015

     Like yesterday, Andy will fill in his commentary later, below.

Today’s contestants:
Greg Seroka
Brennan Bushee
Kristin Sausville

Final Jeopardy category: Inaugural Addresses

Final Jeopardy clue: “His first address spoke of ‘the present happy state,’ ‘our peculiar felicity’ & our ‘happy government.'”
Greg 13000 – 1500 = 11500
Brennan 12000 + 6000 = 18000 (winner)
Kristin 12800 – 0 = 12800

Wild card standings:
M: Catherine Hardee
T: Brennan Bushee
1. Vaughn Winchell $16,599
2. Dan Feitel $14,000
3. Kristin Sausville $12,800
4. Greg Seroka $11,500

  • My thoughts:
  • It seems to me that Greg and Brennan were both making mincemeat of the buzzer, especially early on; glad Kristin was able to make a charge, though!
  • Alex undercounted the number of single-player Final Jeopardy! episodes. There have been a lot more than two!
  • On many of Kristin’s negs, I found myself saying many of the same things!
  • I was disappointed by the clue ordering in the NICKNAMES FOR FEMINISTS category; I thought that $2,000 was much easier than $1,200 and $1,600!
  • THESE SCORES, THOUGH. The writers have brought the hard stuff – and the players have been up to the challenge so far!

(contestant photo credit: jeopardy.com)

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