Quick Recap – November 9, 2015

     So we can get a recap up quickly, I’m entering the final and results, and Andy will fill in commentary after he can see the show. By the way, I’m still looking for anyone who attended the tournament in person, to give us a behind-the-scenes perspective!

Today’s quarterfinalists:
Dan Feitel
Catherine Hardee
Vaughn Winchell

Final Jeopardy category: American Authors

Final Jeopardy clue: “He was the first to have both fiction & nonfiction No. 1 New York Times best sellers; the latter featured his beloved poodle.” This was a Teen Jeopardy final in my opinion.

Dan 7800 + 6200 = 14000
Vaughn 17200 – 601 = 16599
Catherine 17800 – 200 = 17600

Wild card standings:
M: Catherine Hardee
1. Vaughn Winchell $16,599
2. Dan Feitel $14,000

My notes:

  • I found both Catherine and Vaughn to have VERY impressive performances. Both of them confidently answered clues that had me going “What on earth is going on here?”
  • There felt like a whole boatload of shoutouts to various Jeopardy fans, from the “Iago” clue to the “Gnash” one!
  • Congratulations to Dan Feitel on his engagement! (though, this story did leak before the Tournament).
  • Jeanie said this was a “Teen Tournament final”. I heartily disagree – and I suspect Vaughn and Catherine would say the same!
  • Thoughts on the Final Jeopardy! betting: I thought Dan’s threshold of $14,000 was a *little* bit high, but I also can’t really fault him too much for that, either. Loved both Vaughn’s and Catherine’s bets (though Catherine’s position was ripe for the Thomas Jefferson bet.)

(contestant photo credit: jeopardy.com)

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