Quick Recap – November 24, 2015

So, the news cycle has picked up on Laura’s run and started with the think pieces. Will the think pieces and the run continue?

Today’s contestants:

Molly Hewitt, a writer and freelance proofreader from Los Angeles, CA
Julie Adair, a virtual assistant from Panama City, FL
Laura Ashby, an attorney from Marietta, GA (2-day champion, $36,802)

We were halfway through Double Jeopardy with all 3 players’ scores quite depressed – and Laura dropped $4,000 on a Daily Double as well! Then, Julie went 4/5 on a category on Australian pop music to make the scores really, really close going into Final!

Scores going into Final Jeopardy!:
Laura $12,400
Molly $10,600
Julie $10,000

Final Jeopardy! category: THE OSCARS

Final Jeopardy! clue: For films of 2005 through 2012, he received nominations for Best Picture, Director, writing, and acting

Julie 10000 + 10000 = 20000
Molly 10600 – 1801 = 8799 (Woody Allen)
Laura 12400 – 8801 = 3599 (Ben Affleck)

I had a great deal of difficulty actually parsing this clue. Was I the only one? I thought that the clue was referring to someone who received nominations every year between 2005 and 2012 – which was obviously not the case.

(contestant photo credit: jeopardy.com)

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