This Week’s Contestants (December 7-11, 2015)

A new feature here at TJ!F as I’ve decided to create a fresh post with the new contestants each week. Got predictions? Leave them in a comment!

This week’s contestants:

wk12_1130_1204_rossiter_lineupJon Rossiter
San Diego, CA
wk13_1207_1211_edgemon_lineupDonnie Edgemon
Sterling Park, VA
wk13_1207_1211_fritz_lineupLiz Fritz
Spring Hill, KS
wk13_1207_1211_haschke_lineupBrandon Haschke
Sioux Falls, SD
wk13_1207_1211_howard_lineupBianca Howard
Cary, NC
wk13_1207_1211_johnson_lineupGreg Johnson
Marietta, GA
wk13_1207_1211_lee_lineupShannon Lee
Phoenixville, PA
wk13_1207_1211_lubbers_lineupJon Lubbers
Lafayette, CO
wk13_1207_1211_maggio_lineupAlex Maggio
Cincinnati, OH
wk13_1207_1211_moore_lineupTrevor Moore
New York, NY
wk13_1207_1211_price_lineupKatie Price
Peabody, MA

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  1. Go Liz!!!

  2. Yay Bianca!

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