#JeopardyLivePanel Season 2 Episode 25 (February 28, 2016 7:00 PM Eastern)

A live panel discusses the most recent week of Jeopardy! episodes. Moderated by Andy Saunders.

Use #JeopardyLivePanel on Twitter to interact with the panel!

This week’s panel is set to include:
Kerry Greene
Ryan Hall
Jill Panall

Discussion Topics:
This Week In Jeopardy! History: The Oft-Forgotten Triple Zero Game
Tim Kutz: What Are His ToC Chances?
#JeopardyLivePanel LearnedLeague Rundle Update
Behind The Scenes
Panel’s Oscar Picks
And More!

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  1. This is bill murphy from the Friday show it was interesting hearing the reaction to the Le Havre ruling it was I weird just sitting their for 8 to 10 minutes I second Jill’s comments all the contestants were reaaly nice and it was a really fun day

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