Quick Recap & Final Jeopardy – February 15, 2016

Back to regular play this week!

Today’s contestants:

Sarah Wright, a school librarian from Plainfield, IN
Ramona Riddles, a substitute teacher from Fullerton, CA
Chris Becker, a y from Orlando, FL (1-day total: $18,399)

Scores going into Final Jeopardy:
Sarah $10,600
Chris $10,000
Ramona $5,000

Final Jeopardy! category: FAMOUS PHRASES

Final Jeopardy! clue: In one version of a 19th century quote, “there is room and health…away from the crowds” so you’re urged to do these 2 words

Click/Tap Here for Correct Response

What is go west?


Ramona 5000 – 5000 = 0 (Move out)
Chris 10000 – 601 = 9399 (Rest & relax) (2-day total: $27,798)
Sarah 10600 – 5000 = 5600 (Live wild)

You can find the following over at Britannica.com:

Greeley, however, long an ardent advocate of western expansion, was anything but a stranger to the notion of the promise of the American West, and in the New York Tribune in 1841 he wrote, “Do not lounge in the cities! There is room and health in the country, away from the crowds of idlers and imbeciles. Go west, before you are fitted for no life but that of the factory.”

(contestant photo credit: jeopardy.com)

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  1. For some reason I always get Horace Greeley and H.L. Mencken mixed up in my head, and always thought Mencken said “Go West”. But for this FJ I was thinking of something to do with the word solitary or alone, so I was lost.

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