Poll Of The Week (May 20, 2016)

A new feature here on The Jeopardy Fan, where I come up with a fun poll question to ask!

This week’s poll:

When Alex Trebek retires, should Anderson Cooper become Alex Trebek’s replacement?

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Start date 05-20-2016 08:00:00
End date 05-27-2016 07:59:59
Poll Results:
Should Anderson Cooper be the next host of Jeopardy when Alex Trebek retires?

I’m curious to see if this week’s appearance for him on Power Players Week moved the vote in any way.

Do you have strong feelings either way? Leave them in the comments, and thanks for voting! (Voting will stay open for 7 days.)

2 Comments on "Poll Of The Week (May 20, 2016)"

  1. Jonathan Graham | May 20, 2016 at 1:48 pm |

    I think it should be someone who has significant math and/or science cred, as those subjects are way too underrepresented on the show. Having someone who can pronounce the terminology properly would be a big plus.

  2. My wife and I absolutely feel that if Alex wanted to retire, Buzzy Cohen would be a fantastic host. He has the smarts, the charisma and just a touch of wickedness that would be great.

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