#JeopardyLivePanel – Season 2 Episode 39 (June 13 2016 8 PM Eastern)

A live panel discusses the last week of Jeopardy! episodes. Moderated by Andy Saunders of thejeopardyfan.com

Use the hashtag #JeopardyLivePanel on Twitter to interact with the panel.

This week’s panel consists of:
Hunter Appler
Aria Gerson
Torrey Livenick

Discussion topics:
Hunter’s First Three Games
Daily Double Hunting – Yes or No?
Taping Group Camaraderie
Crazy Jeopardy Superstitions´╗┐

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  1. Hey there Jeopardy Fan(s),
    Does anyone know how I might find a copy of the Mon. June 13, 2016 show? I’ve learned that a book I wrote was in one of the questions and I’m dying to see this! Let me know: [email protected]. Many thanks?

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