Jeopardy Encore Presentation Recap – August 11, 2016

This game originally aired on November 19, 2015.

Today’s contestants:

Kerry Greene, a volunteer CASA guardian ad litem from Manchester, NH
Alex Jacob, a currency trader from Chicago, IL
Matt Jackson, a paralegal from Washington, DC

Kaya Chua was in the audience for the semifinals and finals; she provided her thoughts back in November to The Jeopardy! Fan.

This is Day 1 of a two-day total point affair: today’s scores are added to tomorrow’s to come up with the tournament champion.

Meanwhile, knowing Alex Jacob’s strategy, we all knew it was going to happen: he was going to go big on the Daily Doubles. But it still doesn’t make things any less dramatic when it actually does happen. Alex put himself into an absolutely commanding position here with a big score! But Matt and Kerry are no slouches; anything could still happen in Game 2 of the final!

Final Jeopardy! category: FRENCH NOVEL TITLE HEROES

Final Jeopardy! clue: He “looked as if he had been shut up for a long time in a tomb and… been unable to recover the… complexion of the living”

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What is the Count of Monte Cristo?



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Scores going into Final Jeopardy:
Alex $29,600
Matt $14,600
Kerry $8,200

Final Results:
Kerry $8,200 – $4,800 = $3,400 (Who is the Man in the Iron Mask?)
Matt $14,600 – $11,600 = $3,000 (Who is the Man in the Iron Mask?)
Alex $29,600 – $0 = $29,600 (Who is good game guys?)

Daily Double locations:
1) RECENT BESTSELLERS $1000 (11th pick)
Alex 5000 +5000 (Matt 600 Kerry 0)

2) “NORTH” & “SOUTH” AMERICA $1600 (5th pick)
Alex 15200 +15200 (Matt 4000 Kerry 1800)
3) THE TUTORS $1600 (12th pick)
Matt 5600 +5000 (Alex 26800 Kerry 3000)

Game Stats:
Alex 12,000 Coryat, 21 correct, 3 incorrect, 38.60% in first on buzzer
Kerry 8,200 Coryat, 11 correct, 2 incorrect, 21.05% in first on buzzer
Matt 11,200 Coryat, 17 correct, 2 incorrect, 29.82% in first on buzzer

Alex Jacob’s stats to date:
264 correct
33 incorrect
12/14 on Daily Doubles (Net Earned: 73,200)
2/10 in Final Jeopardy
46.65% in first on buzzer (258/553)
Average Coryat: $20,320

Kerry Greene’s stats to date:
182 correct
21 incorrect
5/6 on Daily Doubles (Net Earned: 10,500)
8/10 in Final Jeopardy
30.14% in first on buzzer (170/564)
Average Coryat: $13,160

Matt Jackson’s stats to date:
467 correct
24 incorrect
32/34 on Daily Doubles (Net Earned: 136,395)
9/17 in Final Jeopardy
44.54% in first on buzzer (420/943)
Average Coryat: $23,423

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  1. Can you believe it where we live in mid Michigan wnemTV5 is not! Airing the last show if the tournament.instead they are showing a pre season football game.can you believe it?????

    • Andy Saunders | August 12, 2016 at 1:03 pm |

      My advice to you, Jim, would be to contact WNEM to express your opinion.

      (I can certainly understand, though, why a television station would elect to show a preseason football game over a Jeopardy! rerun. This is why the show does run six weeks of encore presentations over the summer, because affiliates often pre-empt the show for various reasons — preseason football and the Olympics among the most common ones).

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