A Tale Of Two Seths


Seth Wilson has been on quite a run on Jeopardy!

A fun question that I ask as much as I can of my guests on #JeopardyLivePanel is “What did you have for lunch”, as the lunch break usually occurs in between the Wednesday and Thursday episodes during a taping session.

Often, returning champions find that the lunch break is an interrupting factor for a run. In the case of Seth Wilson, this was decidedly not the case! After his first lunch break, his statistics have gotten considerably better.

First 3 games: (Monday 19th through Wednesday 21st)
$14,600 Average Coryat Score
65 correct
12 incorrect
84.44% precision

Second 3 games: (Thursday 22nd through Monday 26th)
$23,200 Average Coryat Score
76 correct
5 incorrect
93.83% precision

Additionally, my Jeopardy prediction model has gone from 50.96% for Seth to win his fourth game to 70.15% to win his seventh!

More than anyone else, now, I’m going to want to know: What did Seth have for lunch?

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