#JeopardyLivePanel (May 1, 2017)

Andy Saunders of thejeopardyfan.com discusses recent Jeopardy! episodes and other show matters with past contestants.

Live at 9:05 PM Eastern!

Live video link:

On this panel:
Darren Harris-Fain
Tom Kelso
Alan Lin

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1 Comment on "#JeopardyLivePanel (May 1, 2017)"

  1. Great interview with Alan Lin! First time checking out this site. I agree, the host (Alex) did seem a bit unfriendly with Alan — and, he made a slur about his face/eye movement as odd and calculating (strangely different). But, great Alan smiles and takes things in stride. I wish Alan had discussed something about his sci-fi writing works (unpublished). I sense his works might be phenomenal give his massing of intellectual facts, figures and pop culture. I loved the script to “Arrival” and noted Alan attended a workshop (writer’s) with the author. Great contestant … I’ll be watching to see how long he survives.

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