Today’s Final Jeopardy – September 13, 2017

Here’s today’s Final Jeopardy (in the category Ancient History) for Wednesday, September 13, 2017:

Battles at Trebbia & Trasimene were among the victories of this man who was born in Africa & died near the Black Sea

(correct response beneath the contestants)

Today’s contestants:

Jay Olman, a data analytics manager from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Jay Olman on Jeopardy!
Jen Sosnowski, a high school science teacher from Roanoke, Virginia
Jen Sosnowski on Jeopardy!
Laura Kelsay, a hotel desk reception clerk from Grand Island, Nebraska (2-day total: $42,300)
Laura Kelsay on Jeopardy!

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Who is Hannibal?


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Hannibal Barca, famous Carthaginian general and statesman and one of the greatest military strategists of all time, had famous victories in the Punic Wars against the Roman Empire at both Trebbia (which can be spelled with both 1 and 2 Bs), and Trasimene. After the Carthaginian defeat, Hannibal became a statesman, briefly, before his successess there regained the ire of Rome and forced Hannibal’s exile into Asia Minor. Details of his death are not particularly known, but it did occur near the Black Sea coast of what is now Turkey. Greek and Roman historians generally disagree on the date, specific location, and even cause of Hannibal’s death.

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7 Comments on "Today’s Final Jeopardy – September 13, 2017"

  1. Scores going into Final:
    Jen $15,400
    Laura $14,400
    Jay $8,400

    Final results:
    Jay $8,400 + $3,601 = $12,001
    Laura $14,400 + $7,500 = $21,900
    Jen $15,400 + $13,401 = $28,801 (1-day total: $28,801)

    Jen Sosnowski, winner of the September 13, 2017 game of Jeopardy!

    Scores after the Jeopardy! Round:
    Jay $4,000
    Laura $3,200
    Jen $2,000

    Opening break taken after: 15 clues

    Daily Double locations:
    1) ARMY, NAVY, AIR FORCE OR MARINES $600 (28th pick)
    Jen 1000 +1000 (Jay 4000 Laura 3200)

    2) BROADWAY COMPOSERS $3000 (4th pick)
    Jen 3200 +3000 (Jay 4000 Laura 3200)
    3) PEOPLE IN POETRY $1200 (24th pick)
    Laura 15200 -2000 (Jen 9400 Jay 6400)
    Overall Daily Double Efficiency for this game: 181

    Unplayed clues:
    J! round: ARMY $800 & $1000
    DJ! Round: None!
    Total $ Left On Board: $1,800

    Game Stats:
    Jen $13,600 Coryat, 15 correct, 1 incorrect, 23.64% in first on buzzer
    Laura $16,400 Coryat, 19 correct, 5 incorrect, 40.00% in first on buzzer
    Jay $8,400 Coryat, 15 correct, 1 incorrect, 29.09% in first on buzzer
    Lach Trash: $6,800 (on 7 Triple Stumpers)
    Coryat lost to incorrect responses (less double-correct responses): $7,000

    Laura Kelsay, final stats:
    64 correct
    10 incorrect
    4/5 on Daily Doubles (Net Earned: $4,900)
    2/3 in Final Jeopardy
    37.58% in first on buzzer (62/165)
    Average Coryat: $17,800

    Jen Sosnowski, stats to date:
    16 correct
    1 incorrect
    2/2 on Daily Doubles (Net Earned: $4,000)
    1/1 in Final Jeopardy
    23.64% in first on buzzer (13/55)
    Average Coryat: $13,600

    Jen Sosnowski, to win:
    2 games: 45.30%
    3: 20.52%
    4: 9.29%
    5: 4.21%
    6: 1.91%
    Avg. streak: 1.828 games.

  2. Surprised that all 3 got it. I thought that at least one would answer Alexander the Great.Nice payday and correct wager by Jen! Congrats!Close game too.

  3. In double jeopardy L category. The parrot shown was not a Lorikeet. It is an Alexandrine parrot

    • I have no idea what the difference is between these things. However:

      From the credits tonight:

      “Lorikeet photo ©IStock / a division of Getty Images”.

      If that was an Alexandrine, and not a lorikeet, I’d say your issue is with IStock, or Getty Images, as they were clearly instructed by Jeopardy! to provide a picture of a lorikeet.

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