October 2017 College Jeopardy Online Test Questions

Looking to remember the questions to the October 2017 College Jeopardy online test? Video with the questions will be posted shortly after the test and answers will be in the comment section!

Video link: (As always, thanks to Susan Herder for the videos. She does an excellent service to the community in providing these videos to re-create test conditions for the future):

Good luck!


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1 Comment on "October 2017 College Jeopardy Online Test Questions"

  1. Answers:
    1) Of Mice and Men
    2) rich witch
    3) fructose
    4) Gutenberg
    5) algebra
    6) Fargo
    7) Manatee
    8) Spotify
    9) Grendel
    10) Chicago
    11) Thirteen Reasons Why
    12) Phoenicians
    13) Dividend
    14) The Fault in Our Stars
    15) Atlas Mountains
    16) Circadian Rhythm
    17) Homer
    18) Amelia Earhart
    19) Beyonce Knowles
    20) Beauty
    21) Baltic
    22) orchids
    23) Othello
    24) TOMS
    25) Basques
    26) meddle/medal
    27) Sense and Sensibility
    28) amphibians
    29) dab
    30) Dakar
    31) La Boheme
    32) Moonlight
    33) parmesan
    34) Battle of Antietam
    35) The Prince
    36) maple
    37) John Oliver Twist
    38) komodo dragon
    39) fibula
    40) The Good Samaritan
    41) Bulldogs
    42) Harlem Renaissance
    43) polymer
    44) Thailand
    45) The Age of Innocence
    46) Venezuela
    47) particle accelerator
    48) plagiarism
    49) Ready Player One
    50) Fiddler on the Roof

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