Updated: 2018 College Championship Postponed

According to a post on Reddit, taping of the 2018 College Championship has been postponed to March (naturally, the tournament’s airing will be postponed from its original February 2018 airdate).

No further information is known at this point; the contestants have been told that the reason for the postponement will be “in the news”.

In terms of the taping schedule, my own records are showing that the show has enough episodes currently taped to reach March 23.

I sincerely hope that everybody in the Jeopardy! family is okay and that the show will resume normality soon.

More information will be posted as it becomes known.

Update: Alex has made an announcement regarding recent surgery. At The Jeopardy! Fan, we all wish him the best of luck for the speediest of recoveries.


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Contestant photo credit: jeopardy.com

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  1. SPEEDY RECOVERY ALEX!!! Know we’ll see you back on stage SOON!! Could someone PLEASE tell me when in 2018 JEOPARDY will be taping at DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution)building in Washington, DC. Thank you for your time & help.

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