This Week’s Contestants – January 1-5, 2018

After a great use of betting strategy on Friday, Henry Ayoola comes into 2018 as Jeopardy! champion. 10 more challengers join him. Who will end the week as Jeopardy! champion?

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Henry Ayoola
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Henry Ayoola on Jeopardy!
Lisa McAndrews
White Plains, New York
Lisa McAndrews on Jeopardy!
Nick Spicher
Everett, Washington
Nick Spicher on Jeopardy!


Saralee Etter
Pataskala, Ohio
Saralee Etter on Jeopardy!
Olev Jaakson
New York, New York
Olev Jaakson on Jeopardy!
Steph Bundy
Oak Park, California
Steph Bundy on Jeopardy!
Michael Shockley
Seattle, Washington
Michael Shockley on Jeopardy!


Sean Sullivan
Verona, New Jersey
Sean Sullivan on Jeopardy!
Meghan Whalen
Chicago, Illinois
Meghan Whalen on Jeopardy!
Brandon Brooks
Chicago, Illinois
Brandon Brooks on Jeopardy!
Claudia Hochstein
Saint Paul, Minnesota
Claudia Hochstein on Jeopardy!

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