March 2018 Teen Jeopardy Online Test Questions

Looking to remember the questions to the March 2018 Teen Jeopardy online test? Videos and correct answers will be posted shortly after each test!

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Video links (As always, thanks to Susan Herder for the videos. She does an excellent service to the community in providing these videos to re-create test conditions for the future):

Thursday, March 15, 8 PM Eastern (5 PM Pacific):


Good luck on the Jeopardy online test!

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Answers section:


Click/Tap Here for March 15, 2018 answers:

1 Oliver Twist
2 scruff
3 Poland
4 Andrew Jackson
5 Allah
6 Potomac
7 monkeys
8 Under Armour
9 John Green
10 June
11 Jumanji
12 Clarence Thomas
13 palindrome
14 The Great Gatsby
15 Scandinavia
16 Krebs
17 Andrew Lloyd Webber
18 Owl
19 The Walking Dead
20 Emily Dickinson
21 Kenya
22 Israel
23 Malala (Yousafzai)
24 Aphrodite
25 Spiro Agnew
26 protagonist
27 Ready Player One
28 DNA
29 California
30 Everest
31 Vincent Van Gogh
32 Stranger Things
33 Forever 21
34 Aztecs
35 Manzanar
36 Wendy’s
37 homophones
38 Yellowstone
39 osmosis
40 Ruth
41 Snowboarding
42 Berlin Wall
43 Apple Computers
44 Chile
45 Othello
46 The Nutcracker
47 Humerus
48 Honest
49 Bartlett
50 Drake


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