This Week’s Contestants – April 23-27, 2018

The College Championship has concluded, and Kristin Robbins returns as defending champion on Jeopardy! 10 more challengers join her; who will end the week as champion?

Are you curious about where this season’s contestants have been coming from? Matt Carberry has been tracking this information by media market this season!

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Kristin Robbins
Red Bank, New Jersey
Kristin Robbins on Jeopardy!
Kate Jovin
Somerville, Massachusetts
Kate Jovin on Jeopardy!
Rex Moroux
Lafayette, Louisiana
Rex Moroux on Jeopardy!


Randy Mathews
Houston, Texas
Randy Mathews on Jeopardy!
Alyssa Abel
Waupaca, Wisconsin
Alyssa Abel on Jeopardy!
Jen Regan
North Bergen, New Jersey
Jen Regan on Jeopardy!
Krishna Veeraraghavan
Seattle, Washington
Krishna Veeraraghavan on Jeopardy!


Robert Marx
Nashville, Tennessee
Robert Marx on Jeopardy!
Carolyn Walsh
Brooklyn, New York
Carolyn Walsh on Jeopardy!
Tom McGinnis
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Tom McGinnis on Jeopardy!
Alexandra Henkoff
Houston, Texas
Alexandra Henkoff on Jeopardy!

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  1. Hmm. According to the Jeopardy website Monday morning, all three Monday contestants are listed as NEW.

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