Editorial: This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

A very vocal minority of Jeopardy! fans have continued their constant attacks on Jeopardy! on social media, which have been happening since the start of the Jeopardy! All-Star Games on Wednesday.

And guess what: I think you’re in the wrong.

The show has literally decided to stick its neck out and try something new for two weeks. And a vocal minority is attempting to scare the show (and even its sponsors) back into its hole like Punxsutawney Phil on a sunny February 2 morning.

People have literally been asking for these matchups for years. Who didn’t want to see what Alex Jacob could do against Brad Rutter, or Austin Rogers against Ken Jennings?

People have been asking for more behind-the scenes information and strategic information, wondering what’s inside the contestants’ heads. And when the show gives it to you? Why is the show getting so much flak for this?

All you’re doing is making it more difficult for the show to give us anything interesting in the future, and may even make it tougher for the show to be more viable long-term, especially if this unnecessary vitriol from a minority costs the show sponsors.

In conclusion: This is why we can’t have nice things.

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12 Comments on "Editorial: This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things"

  1. I completely agree!! While it took a while to get used to the format.. now, I’m greatly looking forward to these match ups! Everyone just have fun! It’s a cool new idea and we should support it as loyal fans of the amazing competition!

  2. Please, please, stage MORE All-Star competitions! It’s entertaining seeing champions again.

  3. I have been a loyal dedicated Fanatic since I first learned Alex had become the Host of the show in the mid ’80s. My parents and three siblings were as well, and have thoroughly enjoyed every episode, even in reruns. This includes the various Tournaments
    Any form of contest the Producers decide to air, I will be here to watch and enjoy!

  4. I understand the format might not be as familiar to the casual fan. In the social media era, it’s so easy to take to the keyboard and start doing what seems to be America’s new favorite pastime – complain. These people are Jeopardy icons. Does it kill you to miss one half of an evening’s game to learn what they’ve been up to for the past few years (and much longer in a some cases). Keep your complaints to yourself for once – don’t ruin it for everybody.

  5. This All Star match up has been a delight to watch. It’s so much fun!

  6. I tend to disagree. Of course, it all depends on how vitriolic the dissenters have been in their complaints about the format, but I concur with them that the All Star format is not to my liking. Unfortunately, I do not participate in social media, so I don’t really know what others have been saying. For me, the attraction of the show is to test myself to see and that is cut in half on some days….so YES, I do prefer “standard” shows. If you have issues with dissenters using social media to complain about the tournament format…surely the response is best sent via that media. For myself, I would consider it my right to inform Jeopardy! and its sponsors of my personal preference, sorry if it doesn’t match what you like.

  7. But surely that is how the system works. You have the right to express your opinion. I have the right to express mine. If you don’t respect the rights of people to have opinions different from yours, then what is the point of any discussion. I respect your writing this opinion piece, and I can appreciate your viewpoint. But please note, not everyone wanted the behind-the-scenes information or strategic information of which you wrote.

    • Look at it this way: Those who do want BTS/strategy info put up with and generally respect the fact that many fans do want 61 clues and are dismayed that this has not been reciprocated by Team 61 when we get something we’ve been asking for.

  8. All the social media blatherings of people about the format (either for or against) won’t mean much. Sponsors won’t care, only the actual ratings will count, that is how people “vote.” Don’t worry too much about social media.

  9. I feel that the format is a little clunky. Maybe it could be tweaked in future team events (if they happen).
    However, this one negative is far, far outweighed by the pure pleasure found in watching these legendary competitors go at it again. The breadth of knowledge, the speed of responses and the percentage of correct responses are phenomenal. I think I even detected some nervousness among the players. A sure sign that worthy competitors recognize each other and truly don’t want to lose. Mixing this group into typical daily games would be like watching a Major League Baseball team participate in a beer-league softball tournament.
    Like everyone else here, I love Jeopardy!. I watch it almost every day. And, yes, I like when they mix it up a little bit and do something different. I understand that some don’t.

  10. Long time Jeopardy fan, big time! Loving this All Star Tournament. Fascinating, refreshing to see with everything else in the world going crazy. Nice change!

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