A James Holzhauer vs. Ken Jennings Statistical Comparison

Back in 2004, I tracked Ken Jennings’ statistics daily and updated a toteboard. With James Holzhauer dominating his Jeopardy! games in ways unseen in years, I’ve decided to track James’ daily statistics in many of the same categories, alongside Ken’s statistics at the same point in his streak from 2004. Links are also provided to help define any statistics that may not be readily familiar or intuitive to the casual viewer.

This page will be publicly updated daily between 8:00 and 9:00 PM Eastern. (If you are a member of the media wishing to see the comparison earlier in the day, you’re welcome to contact Andy privately.)

Last Updated: April 17, 2019

James Holzhauer Ken Jennings
Games Played 10 10
Total Winnings $697,787 $341,158
Correct Responses 341 348
Incorrect Responses 13 19
Unforced Errors (buzz in w/ incorrect response) 10 12
Times First In 307 316
First In %age 54.43% 55.44%
Rebounds 12 19
Rebound %age (of all rebound opportunities) 46.15% 52.78%
Categories With 5 Correct 9 12
Categories With 4 Correct 28 29
Categories With 3 Correct 33 32
% Of Categories With At Least 3 Correct 58.33% 60.83%
Categories With 0 Correct 4 4
% of Bottom-Row Clues Responded To Correctly 55.00% 54.17%
Daily Doubles Played 23 19
Daily Doubles Correct 21 15
Daily Double %age 91.30% 78.95%
Average Daily Double Wager $10,478 $2,526
Total Net Gain On Daily Doubles $218,199 $26,400
Average Net Gain On Daily Doubles $9,487 $1,389
Average Score At End Of First Round $10,821 $9,460
Average Lead At End Of First Round $5,581 $5,620
Average Score At End Of Second Round $48,020 $29,680
Average Lead At End Of Second Round $35,780 $19,770
% Of Games Locked 90.00% 80.00%
Final Jeopardy %age 90.00% 70.00%
Average Final Jeopardy Wager $22,361 $7,444
Average Final Score $69,779 $34,116
Average Coryat Score $29,000 $29,200
Average Opposition Player Coryat $8,250 $6,480
Average Combined Coryat $45,380 $42,160
Triple Stumpers Average 3.20 4.30
Unrevealed Clues Average 0.60 0



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  1. Can I recommend linking or explaining “unforced errors”? I managed to find an explanation on the Ken Jennings page but I imagine I’m not going to be the only person with that question.

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