This Week’s Contestants (Season 36, Week 4)

We’re about to start Week 4 of Season 36 of Jeopardy!; Laurel Lathrop of Tallahassee returns as champion. Ten challengers join her, each of whom harbors dreams to become Jeopardy! champion themselves!

Here you’ll find Matt Carberry’s analysis, updated weekly, of the media markets that this season’s Jeopardy! contestants represent!

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Laurel Lathrop
Tallahassee, Florida
Laurel Lathrop on Jeopardy!
Jennifer Kinyak
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Jennifer Kinyak on Jeopardy!
Jason Marsden
Denver, Colorado
Jason Marsden on Jeopardy!


Abby Grubbs
Hillsborough, North Carolina
Abby Grubbs on Jeopardy!
Kevin Boettcher
Binghamton, New York
Kevin Boettcher on Jeopardy!
Julie Triba
Washington, D.C.
Julie Triba on Jeopardy!
Bill Sikov
Providence, Rhode Island
Bill Sikov on Jeopardy!


Raghuvansh Ramaswamy
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Raghuvansh Ramaswamy on Jeopardy!
Kate Allison
Spokane, Washington
Kate Allison on Jeopardy!
Beth Kitts
Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Beth Kitts on Jeopardy!
Kara Skinner
San Diego, California
Kara Skinner on Jeopardy!

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  1. Anyone closely following my analysis will note that some of the numbers in the leftmost column changed from last week to this one; for example, Washington is now listed as no. 7, vice no. 6. That’s because on Friday, Nielsen Media Rsearch released its 2019-20 media market size estimates. They are incorporated both on the page you link above and the “master Jeopardy! station list.”

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