Today’s Final Jeopardy – December 11, 2019

Here’s today’s Final Jeopardy (in the category National Historical Parks) for Wednesday, December 11, 2019 (Season 36, Episode 68):

Est. in 2015, the Manhattan Project National Historical Park has sites in Hanford, Washington; Los Alamos, N.M.; & this Tennessee city

(correct response beneath the contestants)

Today’s contestants:

Denise Page, an office manager & literary agency assistant from Maspeth, New York
Denise Page on Jeopardy!
Doug Beckner, a scientific illustrator from San Francisco, California
Doug Beckner on Jeopardy!
Jennifer Quail, a wine tasting consultant from Dowagiac, Michigan (5-day total: $149,500)
Jennifer Quail on Jeopardy!

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Correct response: What is Oak Ridge?

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More information about Final Jeopardy:

Part of the Knoxville Metropolitan Area, Oak Ridge, Tennessee was established in 1942 as a production site for the Manhattan Project; following World War II, it moved under civilian control and is now the site of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory; this laboratory was part of the discovery of element 117, now named tennessine after the state.

The Manhattan Project National Historical Park was established in Los Alamos, Hanford, and Oak Ridge in 2015 to protect many of the structures associated with the Manhattan Project.

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Looking to find out who won Jeopardy! today? Tonight’s results are below!

Scores going into Final:
Jennifer $19,400
Denise $6,600
Doug $4,200

Tonight’s results:
Doug $4,200 – $4,100 = $100 (What is Tennessee Valley)
Denise $6,600 – $6,599 = $1 (What is Nashville?)
Jennifer $19,400 + $2,500 = $21,900 (6-day total: $171,400)

Jennifer Quail, today's Jeopardy! winner (for the December 11, 2019 game.)

Scores after the Jeopardy! Round:
Jennifer $6,200
Denise $4,600
Doug $1,000


Opening break taken after: 15 clues

Daily Double locations:
1) IN FULL $800 (20th pick)
Jennifer 4600 +1000 (Denise 3200 Doug 1200)
2) ITALIAN AUTHORS $1600 (4th pick)
Denise 5800 -2000 (Jennifer 6200 Doug 4600)
3) COMING OUT OF YOUR SHELL $2000 (23rd pick)
Doug 6600 -6000 (Jennifer 18200 Denise 7000)
Overall Daily Double Efficiency for this game: -104

Unplayed clues:
DJ! round: SCIENCE $400
Total $ Left On Board: $1,200
Number of clues left unrevealed this season: 110 (1.62 per episode average), 1 Daily Double

Game Stats:
Jennifer $19,200 Coryat, 24 correct, 3 incorrect, 48.15% in first on buzzer, 0/0 on rebound attempts (on 2 rebound opportunities)
Doug $10,200 Coryat, 11 correct, 2 incorrect, 20.37% in first on buzzer, 1/1 on rebound attempts (on 4 rebound opportunities)
Denise $8,600 Coryat, 14 correct, 2 incorrect, 24.07% in first on buzzer, 2/2 on rebound attempts (on 4 rebound opportunities)
Combined Coryat Score: $38,000
Lach Trash: $7,200 (on 6 Triple Stumpers)
Coryat lost to incorrect responses (less double-correct responses): $7,600

Jennifer Quail, stats to date:
168 correct, 21 incorrect
9/13 on rebound attempts (on 24 rebound opportunities)
47.60% in first on buzzer (159/334)
11/11 on Daily Doubles (Net Earned: $25,000)
5/6 in Final Jeopardy
Average Coryat: $21,300

Jennifer Quail, to win:
7 games: 77.708%
8: 60.386%
9: 46.925%
10: 36.464%
11: 28.336%
Avg. streak: 9.486 games.

Andy’s Thoughts:

  • $171,400 puts Jennifer 19th all-time in terms of regular play winnings. (Ben Ingram is 18th at $176,534).

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9 Comments on "Today’s Final Jeopardy – December 11, 2019"

  1. In the late 1950s my mother worked for Dr. Hoyland D. Young at Argonne National Lab. Dr. Young was a chemist involved with the Manhattan Project at the University of Chicago.

  2. I wonder why Jennifer is so conservative with her FJ bids? She could have easily bid $6K today for instance and been assured of winning the game even if she missed the question. It seems to be her strategy as she’s done this several times already. Don’t get me wrong, her overall strategy is obviously sound given her record to date, just curious on FJ betting…

    • It’s actual money being bet when a player has a runaway, and it sounds as though Jennifer is winning a life-changing amount of money for herself. It’s really difficult to bet amounts that you know “Well, this is three months’ rent I’m wagering here on a single trivia question…”

      • Yeah, you’re right Andy. And it’s definitely hard to say what one would do in the same situation. James made his living betting, so it makes it easier to understand why he would bet as much as practical… Jennifer on the other hand would want to keep as much of her winnings as possible, so I can understand why she would gamble less.

  3. Jennifer: Could make a long run. She seems to be very knowledgeable of a variety of categories. I noticed anything that had to do with sports is where she is weaker and she avoids. Dowagiac Mi is her hometown 23 miles north of Norte Dame/South Bend metro area. They call this area “Michiana” Dowagiac (Doe-wah-jack) is a small city in SW Michigan a small college town Southwestern Michigan College (Roadrunners.) It was once a small industrial city home to Heddon Lures and the Round Oak stove foundry. Years ago before the economic rough times it had all the furnace and stove manufacturing plants it was the furnace capital. It is now a bedroom community for SouthBend/Mishawaka/Elkhart Indiana area. Former Notable residents: James Heddon inventor of the artificial fishing lure, Webb Miller Pulitzer Prize winning journalist. Judith Ivey actress,Billie Gordon actor/model and the “Gentle Giant” Chris Taylor a collegiate all American Iowa State and Olympic/Professional wrestler.Dowagiac is also where the headquarters for the Potawatomi Indian Nation. One of the Four Winds Casinos is located there.

    • Maurine Gutowski | December 11, 2019 at 5:10 pm |

      Thanks for the info on Dowagiac. I live a two hours drive directly north of there, a few miles from Lake Michigan (there’s terrible erosion going on this year destroying houses and beaches along the shoreline). I’ve been cheering for Jennifer from day 1; hope she doesn’t get worn out by the stress of taping so many shows in such a short time.

  4. More on Andy’s Thoughts that Jennifer’s winnings place her just behind Ben Ingram. Ben, an 8-game winner, has the distinction of beating two Ultra Champs (10+ game winners) in winning his TOC, Julia Collins (20 games) and Arthur Chu (11 games). But prior to James winning this year’s TOC there was a curse that all previous Ultra Champs had lost in their TOC!

    Of course, Emma broke the Curse of the Giant Killers that winners over Ultra Champs were one-and-done when she won three games but also would’ve extended the Ultra Champs TOC curse had James missed In FJ.

  5. Pizza Face Fred | December 12, 2019 at 3:57 pm |

    I think the Morlocks are ascending from their subterranean dwellings. There has to be some explanation for this sudden manifestation of unearthly Jeopardy! players…

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