This Week’s Contestants (Season 36, Week 26)

It is week number 26 of Season 36! Aaron Goetsch of Macomb, Michigan is this week’s returning champion. How many games will his streak get to?

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Aaron Goetsch
Macomb, Michigan
Aaron Goetsch on Jeopardy!
Bruce Lou
San Francisco, California
Bruce Lou on Jeopardy!
Mandy DeLucia
Newport Beach, California
Mandy DeLucia on Jeopardy!


Mike Upchurch
Chicago, Illinois
Mike Upchurch on Jeopardy!
Kim Lutz
Centennial, Colorado
Kim Lutz on Jeopardy!
Paul Trifiletti
Athens, Georgia
Paul Trifiletti on Jeopardy!
Margaret Beaton
Shrewsbury, Massachusetts
Margaret Beaton on Jeopardy!


Wes Hom
San Francisco, California
Wes Hom on Jeopardy!
Zahkia Mendoza
Canton, Michigan
Zahkia Mendoza on Jeopardy!
Lynn Q. Yu
Los Angeles, California
Lynn Q. Yu on Jeopardy!
Mahesh Uttamchandani
Falls Church, Virginia
Mahesh Uttamchandani on Jeopardy!

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