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  1. I am cheering for Emily because she sounds like a good player.

  2. Andy: What did Emily say on Reddit?

  3. Wishing Bryce (a Californian) good luck with this FJ.
    Let Reddit be Reddit. I’m tolerating Oz to cheer for a 3rd big win for Bryce.

  4. This FJ might favor a contestant who is in their 30s or older. 9/11 was 20 years ago. This doesn’t seem like the kind of thing you might know unless you were exposed to it at the time, or maybe grew up in NY.

    • There’s a famous photo of John Lennon wearing a shirt with this logo, taken post-1977. He died before I was born but I know the image. It was just a hard Final, not ignorance of 9/11. I almost missed it but the word bruise tipped me off to the Big Apple at the last second.

      • The famous photo of John Lennon shows him wearing a t-shirt with cut-off sleeves, and a simple “New York City” across the chest. Not the “I (Heart) NY” logo.

    • I did grow up in NYC and it was very easy for me!

  5. No. She just posted a picture with Dr Oz and said about waiting to be on Jeopardy your whole life & it is with Dr Oz. Trevor gave the link to the Reddit post above.

  6. Moot point, but Emily would have been better wagering 4201 instead of 4200 in final jeopardy. There would be no downside with the upside being if Bryce thought he didn’t know the category and wagered zero, she would’ve only been tied instead of the outright win with a correct answer.

  7. Raul Pinto | March 31, 2021 at 1:21 pm |

    Emily’s wager of $4,200 didn’t add up. Shouldn’t it have been $4,201.

  8. I thought that “9/11” was a dead giveaway and am surprised nobody got it right. I realize, of course, that it’s much easier playing from home. I wonder if the 30-second “think music” really helps the players or just adds to their stress.

  9. All I could think of was a big apple. I think this FJ favors east coasters, primarily New Yorkers, and would be difficult for middle America to the west coast residents.

  10. Brad (not Rutter) | March 31, 2021 at 5:05 pm |

    This was a GREAT game. Courageous comeback by Brice after a disastrous beginning. Still,I hate endings like that.

    • Yes, I love it when everybody is over $10K going into FJ, and it’s not a runaway. Too bad it was a really tough final. Three strong contestants today.

  11. Would have been nice if Bryce had completed his comeback from -800 after the Jeopardy round by nailing FJ and winning again, becoming the 16th to win > $100k in three days, but alas a triple stumper ☹️!

  12. Myron Rushetzky | March 31, 2021 at 7:58 pm |

    I thought that Emily’s response in FJ “What is Fed Ex” was a tip-of-the-cap to Ken Jennings since she had no idea what the correct response was.

    • Good catch! That one slipped by me. I did pick up on “H & R Block” a couple of months ago.

  13. I always figured the “Think” tune served at least two purposes: (1) to give the players a sense of how much time they have left; and (2) to drown out any stray comments from the audience.

  14. Dolores Malafis | April 1, 2021 at 8:24 am |

    A Kodiak bear is a grizzly

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