Chasing Ken, Part III: An Amy Schneider (vs. Matt Amodio, Ken Jennings, and James Holzhauer Statistical Comparison)

Matt Amodio, Amy Schneider, Ken Jennings, and James Holzhauer.

With Amy Schneider surpassing James Holzhauer’s 32 wins and setting off in pursuit of Matt Amodio’s 38 wins and Ken Jennings’ 74 wins, I have decided to add Amy Schneider to the statistical comparisons. As in the past, links are also provided to help define any statistics that may not be readily familiar or intuitive to the casual viewer.

This page will be publicly updated daily between 8:00 and 9:00 PM Eastern. (If you are a member of the media wishing to see the comparison earlier in the day, you’re welcome to contact Andy privately.)

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Last Updated: January 26, 2022 (through 41 games)

Amy Schneider Ken Jennings Matt Amodio James Holzhauer
Games Played 41 41 39 33
Total Winnings $1,382,800 $1,380,661 $1,518,601 $2,462,216
Correct Responses 1337 1471 1305 1186
Incorrect Responses 77 136 122 36
Unforced Errors (buzz in w/ incorrect response) 54 109 102 31
Correct Response % When Buzzing In 95.84% 92.64% 92.17% 97.21%
Times First In 1230 1416 1237 1077
First In %age 52.77% 60.93% 56.00% 57.81%
Rebounds 60 52 55 33
Rebound %age (of all rebound opportunities) 39.47% 40.31% 44.00% 48.53%
Categories With 5 Correct 28 47 26 36
Categories With 4 Correct 94 133 106 95
Categories With 3 Correct 152 140 142 122
% Of Categories With At Least 3 Correct 55.69% 65.04% 58.55% 63.89%
Categories With 0 Correct 17 19 14 11
% of Bottom-Row Clues Responded To Correctly 51.83% 52.65% 59.10% 58.59%
Daily Doubles Played 76 86 86 76
Daily Doubles Correct 66 74 76 72
Daily Double %age 86.84% 86.05% 88.37% 94.74%
Average Daily Double Wager $3,603 $3,634 $4,774 $8,984
Total Net Gain On Daily Doubles $210,200 $227,299 $304,200 $654,416
Average Net Gain On Daily Doubles $2,766 $2,643 $3,537 $8,611
Average Score At End Of First Round $10,020 $9,937 $10,969 $12,564
Average Lead At End Of First Round $6,190 $6,290 $7,382 $8,273
Average Score At End Of Second Round $30,112 $31,041 $33,308 $47,655
Average Lead At End Of Second Round $21,883 $22,246 $23,521 $36,750
% Of Runaway Games 85.37% 87.80% 82.05% 87.88%
Final Jeopardy Clues Correct 28 26 29 32
Final Jeopardy %age 68.29% 63.41% 74.36% 96.97%
Average Final Jeopardy Wager $12,678 $8,065 $12,492 $27,891
Average Final Score $34,205 $33,675 $39,082 $75,364
Average Margin of Victory $25,753 $25,597 $29,542 $62,269
Average Coryat Score $26,946 $27,859 $27,913 $30,576
Average Opposition Player Coryat $6,307 $5,888 $6,436 $7,415
Average Combined Coryat $39,561 $39,634 $40,785 $45,400
Triple Stumpers Average 6.20 5.24 5.10 3.39
Unrevealed Clues Average 0.15 0.32 0.33 0.55

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10 Comments on "Chasing Ken, Part III: An Amy Schneider (vs. Matt Amodio, Ken Jennings, and James Holzhauer Statistical Comparison)"

  1. Quite a data compilation you have put together Andy. Thanks. My local market shows Jeopardy replays on weekends and Matt Amodio was a contestant. Rewatching him dominate reminded me just how good he was. Eventually we’ll be seeing Amy, Matt, and James face off.

  2. Noumon Munir | January 18, 2022 at 6:42 pm |

    thats incredible

  3. It shows how important data is. I have been noticing that Amy seems to dominate the buzzer but Matt, who seemed slow to me, had a higher percentage of buzzes. It is interesting to see how Amy is more like James in that she has very few wrong answers. All four are amazing. That two showed up in the same year is crazy.

  4. Some people have compared Ken’s 74 games to Joe DiMaggio hitting in 56 straight games, but I honestly long thought that Cy Young’s 511 wins was a more apt comparison in that I thought nobody would ever even come close to approaching it again.

    The last few months have forced me to rethink my choice of analogy.

    • I think your analogy still holds, in the fact that the best modern Jeopardy! players are only nearing 50% of Ken’s record, and modern MLB pitchers are only getting to 50% of Cy Young’s record.

    • Later competitors have a couple of disadvantages compared to Ken Jennings. It is now easier to try out for Jeopardy creating a large pool of candidates and players now get to practice buzzing in before they play on Jeopardy.

      • That’s a valid point, but it should be noted that Ken’s 74 game streak includes two seasons; 38 games from before the morning rehearsal was instituted, and a 36 game streak the next season after it was instituted. Although all of this in 2004 was before the advent of the online test in 2006. You can only play under the rules at the time though!

  5. Does anyone track “money lost” on Final Jeopardy? Amy has had a few $20K misses recently.



  6. Great data as always, Andy. Only thing I can say for sure after viewing all of this is that these are definitely the four best players of all time, along with Brad.

    I think I would have Matt ranked ahead of Amy for now, but if she wins the 2022 ToC, I think she’ll have the edge. Her winning the ToC is the only way she can surpass Matt in overall cash winnings ($1,632,800 to $1,618,601 being the highest total for Matt).

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