Today’s Final Jeopardy – Monday, February 14, 2022

Here’s today’s Final Jeopardy (in the category The Midwest) for Monday, February 14, 2022 (Season 38, Game 111):

At about 90,000 it’s the most populous U.S. city on North America’s biggest lake

(correct response beneath the contestants)

Today’s contestants:

Hung Pham, an assistant adjunct professor from Stanton, California
Hung Pham on Jeopardy!
Carrie Christian, a healthcare administrator from Rockledge, Florida
Carrie Christian on Jeopardy!
Dave Rapp, a writer from Valley Village, California (1-day total: $30,000)
Dave Rapp on Jeopardy!

Andy’s Pregame Thoughts: Ken Jennings returns today as host, as Mohawk-sporting champion Dave Rapp takes on Carrie Christian and Hung Pham. Dave had a very strong game on Friday with plenty of correct responses in the bottom two rows of the board; this bodes well for him, especially if his 45 attempts to buzz in from Friday’s game remains representative.

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Correct response: What is Duluth, Minnesota?

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Duluth, Minnesota is the most populous American city on Lake Superior; it is also generally considered to be the westernmost port on the Great Lakes. (Thunder Bay, Ontario, is the most populous city proper on the lake.) Due to the Great Lakes Waterway and St. Lawrence Seaway, Duluth is the world’s farthest inland port for oceangoing ships.

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Looking to find out who won Jeopardy! today? Tonight’s results are below!

Scores going into Final:
Dave $19,600
Carrie $5,200
Hung $5,000

Tonight’s results:
Hung $5,000 – $1,025 = $3,975 (What is Green Bay?)
Carrie $5,200 – $5,199 = $1 (What is Minneapolis?)
Dave $19,600 – $2,400 = $17,200 (What is Green Bay?) (2-day total: $47,200)

Dave Rapp, today's Jeopardy! winner (for the February 14, 2022 game.)

Scores after the Jeopardy! Round:
Dave $4,400
Carrie $3,600
Hung $600


Opening break taken after: 15 clues

Daily Double locations:
1) GEOGRAPHY $600 (clue #8)
Dave 1600 -1600 (Carrie 200 Hung 800)
Dave 17200 -5000 (Carrie 4000 Hung 3800)
3) HISTORY BOOKS $2000 (clue #28, $1200 left on board)
Dave 16600 +3000 (Carrie 4000 Hung 5000)
Overall Daily Double Efficiency for this game: -111

Unplayed clues:
J! Round: None!
DJ! Round: None!
Total Left On Board: $0
Number of clues left unrevealed this season: 21 (0.19 per episode average), 0 Daily Doubles

Game Stats:
Dave $25,200 Coryat, 27 correct, 3 incorrect, 45.61% in first on buzzer (26/57), 1/1 on rebound attempts (on 3 rebound opportunities)
Hung $5,000 Coryat, 6 correct, 1 incorrect, 12.28% in first on buzzer (7/57), 0/0 on rebound attempts (on 3 rebound opportunities)
Carrie $5,200 Coryat, 13 correct, 2 incorrect, 24.56% in first on buzzer (14/57), 1/1 on rebound attempts (on 2 rebound opportunities)
Combined Coryat Score: $35,400
Lach Trash: $13,000 (on 12 Triple Stumpers)
Coryat lost to incorrect responses (less double-correct responses): $5,600

Dave Rapp, career statistics:
58 correct, 5 incorrect
3/3 on rebound attempts (on 5 rebound opportunities)
46.49% in first on buzzer (53/114)
3/5 on Daily Doubles (Net Earned: $5,400)
1/2 in Final Jeopardy
Average Coryat: $24,600

Carrie Christian, career statistics:
13 correct, 3 incorrect
1/1 on rebound attempts (on 2 rebound opportunities)
24.56% in first on buzzer (14/57)
0/0 on Daily Doubles
0/1 in Final Jeopardy
Average Coryat: $5,200

Hung Pham, career statistics:
6 correct, 2 incorrect
0/0 on rebound attempts (on 3 rebound opportunities)
12.28% in first on buzzer (7/57)
0/0 on Daily Doubles
0/1 in Final Jeopardy
Average Coryat: $5,000

Dave Rupp, to win:
3 games: 77.999%
4: 60.839%
5: 47.454%
6: 37.014%
7: 28.870%
Avg. streak: 5.545 games.

Today’s interviews:
Hung is a co-owner of an escape room.
Carrie wrote Ken a fan letter in 2004.
Dave has an aerospace degree but has only used it for some of his tattoos.

Andy’s Thoughts:

  • This was Dave’s second consecutive game in which he had at least 10 correct over the bottom two rows of the board. (Today he had 11; he had 10 on Friday.)

Link to the box score: February 14, 2022 Box Score

Contestant photo credit:

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22 Comments on "Today’s Final Jeopardy – Monday, February 14, 2022"

  1. “Thunder Bay, Ontario, is the most populous city proper on the lake.”

    What’s “improper” about Duluth? Do you mean “overall”?

  2. Michael Johnston | February 14, 2022 at 11:07 am |

    Hmm… I got Duluth, but I worry still 🙁 With a four FJ correct streak I feel like disaster is about to strike😟

  3. That made me think of the Mighty Fitz and her fateful trip from next-door-to-Duluth Superior Wisconsin in 1975. “And the legend lives on from the Chippewa on down of the big lake they called Gitche Gumee…”

  4. As a proud Minnesotan, I knew it had to be Duluth.

  5. I had to think about it for a while as my mind was stuck on Minneapolis, but I knew it didn’t sit on the banks of Lake Superior. Duluth came to me just before the music ended.

    Ken’s return is a much needed breath of fresh air.

  6. Debbie Stover | February 14, 2022 at 1:57 pm |

    Dave’s looking like he might be here for a while.

  7. My Wisconsin heritage helped with this one. I thought of Superior, WI, immediately but realized that Duluth is the bigger of the two.

  8. Dave is going to be here for a while and still I also got Duluth as well as it is much bigger than Green Bay and Milwaukee. Still I think Dave can rebound again tomorrow and regain the daily doubles in his favor

    • Duluth is not bigger than Milwaukee (594k), nor Green Bay (104k). Lake Superior is bigger than Lake Michigan however.

  9. David John Craven | February 14, 2022 at 4:11 pm |

    Thunder Bay is not a U.S. City. Green Bay and Milwaukee are both on Lake Michigan and both are bigger than Duluth. Milwaukee is much bigger than Duluth.

  10. brandon bennett | February 14, 2022 at 7:06 pm |

    Happy ken is back I hope he gets the full time gig honestly.

  11. Too bad that she couldn’t keep pace with Dave, but props to Carrie for not falling into the “The Invisible Man” trap.

  12. Dave has had two impressive wins, but he might be susceptible to a strong opponent who employs a better DD strategy. He tends to go to the top clue in a category even late in a round with a DD still out. Also, it doesn’t seem like Jeopardy usually puts a DD in a “quirky” category. In DJ today, the Latin Before & After, and the Johnny Gilbert categories were unlikely to have a DD. I was surprised that he kept with the Gilbert category when there were two clues in another category that were much more likely to have the last DD. Hung had a chance to bail out of that category and go DD searching but, but chose not to.

    • Kudos to Dave for not always “hunting Doubles” and playing in a way that the writers prefer the game is played (running a category top down)

  13. Am I the only one who guessed Sault St. Marie?

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