Breaking News: Second Chance Tournament to Precede 2022 Tournament of Champions

You’re going to get another chance to see many of your recent favourites again on Jeopardy!.

Executive Producer Michael Davies announced today in a post on that a second chance tournament will be preceding the 2022 Tournament of Champions, and that tournament will feed at least one more player into the 2022 Tournament.

In this post, Davies also speaks of a few other items. Firstly, the champion of the currently-running Jeopardy! National College Championship will be in the 2022 Tournament. Secondly, the 4th placed player from the Jeopardy! National College Championship will be invited to this tournament, so that their career does not end without a loss. Thirdly, this Second Chance Tournament will be restricted to only those who have played since the cutoff for the most recent Tournament of Champions.

Davies is also planning on a Jeopardy! Book Club.

Editorially: I think that this is an absolutely stellar idea. Davies has not ruled out bringing other popular contestants from the past that the show thinks should get a second chance, and I look forward to seeing that as well. Davies’ specifically addressing the JNCC format issue was also welcome (Davies said specifically, “It’s an imperfect solution that resulted from necessary changes to the original tournament format and the fixed number of hours we were committed to deliver.”)

Which recent contestants would you like to see again? Leave a comment!

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39 Comments on "Breaking News: Second Chance Tournament to Precede 2022 Tournament of Champions"

  1. Another reason this is a good idea – assuming this will be a Jeopardy! Primetime tournament on ABC this makes more use of the Primetime feature they specifically hired Mayim to host. (I hope more of their tournaments, including the TOC, are Primetime ones, was a little disappointed the Professors Tournament wasn’t)

    • Debbie Stover | February 10, 2022 at 10:14 am |

      I want to see Ken host the TOC, so I really hope they won’t move that one to primetime. It seems unlikely that they would.

  2. Wonderful idea! It seems like Jessica Stephens (who played against Matt Amodio on the day he was defeated by Jonathan Fisher) would be the obvious candidate to receive an automatic slot for this tournament.

    Side note, Michael Davies is doing an excellent job in his role as interim EP. The powers that be have to find a way to get him to stick around permanently.

  3. To invite the fourth place finisher in the College TOC is very fair. A “second chance” tournament is a good way to fill out the field. Not bad at all.

  4. Nancy Miller | February 9, 2022 at 4:52 pm |

    Andrew Chaikin. He was wonderful!

  5. Adam Levin – and there’s at least a few in the Jeopardy community that would probably agree with me.

  6. Very interesting idea that seems to be at least partially fan-driven. I’m glad they were able to find a way to slot in the fourth place finisher of the NCC. They’re really working as well as they can with the poor hand they’d been dealt. The language used in Michael’s letter is intriguing. Does “postseason” imply that this tournament will take place after season 38 has ended, in lieu of a week or two of reruns?

  7. I’m biased as we’re close friends and trivia teammates, but Rowan Ward, who came extremely close to halving the length of Matt’s run, would be fantastic. Also with friendship bias in mind I’d love to see Katie Sekelsky back!

    • (It should be noted that Rowan did not compete under that name – viewers of the show will have seen a first and last name that both began with N on the last day of the last season, though I’m not willing to type their deadname)

    • Veronica V-V | February 9, 2022 at 6:00 pm |

      I strongly agree with including Rowan. Not only were they a super strong player, but it’s a great story: they should get a second chance to play under their true name.

    • Christopher Denault | February 9, 2022 at 6:18 pm |

      As much fun as it would be seeing Katie back, as a 3-time champ she’s got no shot at a second-chance tourney. I assume this tourney would have to be solely for those who never won a single game, as it probably should be.

    • You beat me to it. I was here to suggest Rowan.

  8. Christopher Denault | February 9, 2022 at 6:16 pm |

    Hmmm… any thoughts on creating a list for us of the non-winners since the last TOC with the greatest number of correct answers or highest non-winning totals after FJ? It’ll be interesting to see how Davies and his gang decide who to choose for this second-chance tourney.

    If it were my call, I’d go right down the line with either the 15 with the highest non-winning FJ scores or the 15 with the most correct answers. It’s the least-complicated way of making these decisions. Any other way could be perceived as favoring some contestants over others due to something aside from their gameplay, and that could end up being more controversial than it needs to be.

  9. Kent Cherrington | February 9, 2022 at 7:39 pm |

    Adam Levin! The highest scoring runner-up in jeopardy history!!

  10. Maybe too much time has passed but I want to second the commenter who mentioned Adam Levin.

    Was Adam the highest runner-up in Jeopardy history?

  11. Remember the early days of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”?
    We saw Regis Philbin one night a week. It was great!
    Due to that success, we saw Regis twice a week. Better!!
    Then the producers said why not three times a week? Or four? How about five times a week? That was not so great.
    Overexposure is not good for an invited guest into your home (like television shows).
    I’d say let’s take it slow with prime time “specials” and thereby keep the regular “Jeopardy” special.
    I’m enjoying the prime time College Tournament this week. But let’s go slow with added specials before we cheapen the original and kill the best show on television.

    • I totally agree with your point, but like the Professors Tournament, some of the proposed new tournaments might not be in primetime and some might be during other primetime slots when other networks are airing reruns (like now during the Olympics). I guess it’s too early to create programming against March Madness. Would the World Series period be a good time for that? I think post-Memorial Day would be a good time as network series are pretty much over yet a lot of schools aren’t out yet.

  12. Love this plan. I figured that with the College Tournament winner getting $250K instead of the normal $100K then that person might not be given a spot in the TOC. Glad they will be included.

  13. I’d like to see Molly Karol, Do Park, Rowan Ward, and Pam Schoenberg return!

    • Matthew Yothers | February 23, 2022 at 8:00 pm |

      I think Jack Weller should come back as well after losing to Brian Chang on a tiebreaker.

  14. Great idea and Jessica Stephens is a clear choice.

    I have a few questions about who might qualify. Is it only for players who never won a game or could it also include some who won a game (or two) but then lost a close one? And does “close” mean close final total or could it also include some who played well but missed Final Jeopardy so ended up with hardly any money?

  15. Also, during Amy’s run of 40 wins she was so dominant there were only a 1 or 2 close games so they may have to dig deep to fill out the field.

    And just think, Amy herself almost didn’t win her first game. It was only because Andrew missed FJ – the island Alexander Hamilton was buried on (Manhattan) – that we got to see her phenomenal run.

  16. Debbie Stover | February 10, 2022 at 10:17 am |

    I always wondered what Josh Saak might’ve been able to do if Matt hadn’t narrowly defeated him in Matt’s first win. I’d love to see Josh get a second chance.

    • Debbie Stover | February 10, 2022 at 10:52 am |

      I see that some others believe this will be limited to people who’ve have a single appearance on Jeopardy and lost. I don’t see that in Michael Davies’s post, but I guess it could make sense. Wait and see, I suppose.

      • Well, “2nd chance” is also used to mean “another chance”, but I feel it should only apply to someone who had only had one chance. For example Amy had 41 chances and “came through” on 40 of them.

        I’m guessing there will be plenty of (losing) contestants to chose from who had a high percentage of correct answers and even a high number of correct answers or lost by only a few dollars. However, the people who I wish could get another chance were those who were up against champions with extremely high “first to buzz” skills. I feel their number of correct responses were thus artificially low and even their % of incorrect responses artificially high (because each one they got incorrect must have been an extremely difficult answer — or extra tricky — otherwise the superchamp would’ve probably won the buzz-off on that one, too). But between Matt Amodio and Amy Schneider that would be over 150 possible contestants!

        I seem to recall reading here lately that Jeopardy! had begun recording (or began publishing) the buzzer speed(?) of the contestants who did buzz in but just didn’t manage to be first. If true, that could be a good indicator that certain losing contestants at least thought they actually knew a lot of answers — used in combination with their % correct, that might indicate worthy “2nd Chance” contestants.

    • I’d love to see Josh Saak get a second chance as well. I’ve been saying that for months anyway.

  17. My thinking is that the Second Chance Tournament on Jeopardy! will consist of the eight or nine highest winners among 3-time champions and any 4-time champions who fell short or are in danger of being cut from the TofC field of 15.

    • If you read the article from the show that this linked to, you’d already know this isn’t going to be the case. Neither of the two instances specifically mentioned by the show—Jessica Stephens and whomever finishes 4th in JNCC—falls under this criteria.

  18. Michael Johnston | February 10, 2022 at 2:10 pm |

    I think this is a flaming brilliant idea! I’m eager to see the selection criteria!

  19. I have to assume that the next ToC will be set when there are enough contestants for that tournament.

    This means that the Second-Chance tournament, which will evidently supply the 15th contestant for the aforementioned ToC, must be filled up in whatever way is possible at that point. Thus there has to be some built-in subjectivity by the producers in choosing the contestants.

    • The next ToC has already been confirmed to air in November 2022.

      • What happens if there are more than 15 eligible contestants at that point?

        • My thought too AG. Maybe we can infer from this there won’t be another 5 time winner in the next three months, or however far out they are with the tapings. Eight people currently have 5 or more wins. The Professor’s Tournament winner is #9, the College winner is #10. I guess the show is very comfortable that there will be at least one slot in the TOC available for the Second Chance Tournament.

          • Or maybe there is another Amy on the horizon who is going to take up 40 shows. That would be awesome.

        • Christopher Denault | February 11, 2022 at 5:51 pm |

          Once the show gets to 15 eligible contestants, anyone else who reaches 5 wins before this November’s TOC will just be entered into the following one in November 2023. Good to hear Davies mention that he prefers seeing TOCs every November like the show originally used to do, instead of the odd 15-18 month gaps that have happened between them recently.

  20. This is a brilliant idea and definitely worth seeing. I would love to see whoever can fill up the spot for the next toc which airs november 2022 and hopefully anyone who had 3 games or so won would take that spot. Maybe a college student could defihnitely be in this tourney as well. Dave leffler could also be on here since he missed the cutoff and maybe Tim Kutz or Justin Bender

  21. Here are some others I’d like to see:

    Tracy Pitzel (20 right, 2 wrong, $18.0K Coryat) from game 24

    From the Professor Tournament, semifinalist J.P.Allen (20 right, 1 wrong, $15.8k Coryat) who lost to eventual champion Sam Buttrey.

    (Admin Note: This suggestion was truncated to avoid deadnaming a contestant who was already suggested in this comment section.)

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