What is Klingon?

     I decided to play along with both yesterday’s and today’s GSN episodes of Jeopardy!, rather than write about them at greater length.  You recall that Jason Richards was the champion.  Below are my scores.

Thaddeus Grimes-Gruczka of NY $8600
Susan Daniels of RI $0
Jason Richards of ME $23000
Me $6400

Justin Porter of SC $5000
Caren Chancey of MD $10001
Jason Richards of ME $23100
Me $19398

     In the last entry, I promised to tell you about one of the silliest responses that I can remember in Jeopardy!‘s history.  With a little help from j-archive.com, I was able to find it.  Christian Haines is an excellent champion from a few years ago.  This was the $1000 clue in I Love You Guys (contestants have to give the language in which ‘I love you’ is provided): “Yr wyf i’n dy garu di.”*  (Christian’s response: Klingon.)
     Here are two calendar clues: Literary Terms: “Edmund Spenser coined the term ‘prothalamion’ for a poem that celebrates an impending one of these events.”  And American Cities: “A leading market for race horses, this Kentucky city is the ‘Horse Capital of the World.'”