The “wurst” response in Jeopardy! history?

     Okay, maybe not the worst….
     If you missed Friday’s GSN episode of Jeopardy!, you missed quite a show.  It was notable for how well one contestant did, and how poorly another one did.  I recognized the guy who did well as soon as he appeared on the screen, which makes me think he’s got more wins ahead: Jason Richards from Maine.  The other two contestants were 1-day returning champ Elizabeth Randisi from NY and Zeb Schobernd from Oregon.
     Jason started off strong by sweeping the Colleges and Universities category, including this Daily Double: “Of the Ivy League colleges, this one is alphabetically first.”*  Then he answered all but one clue correctly in the category Monuments: “The Iwo Jima monument on Parris Island represents the famous raising of the flag on this mountain.”  By the first commercial break, Jason had $7400, Elizabeth had 600, and Zeb had -$1000, in part because he responded “What is Mount Everest?” to the Monuments clue above.  What?!  Okay, why not Mount St. Helens?  Or Mountain Dew?
     In the second half of the Jeopardy round, Zeb did something else unthinkable (or should I say awful) when he answered “awful” to this $800 clue in Do You Have the Munchies?: “Though it sounds like the most terrible food, it’s really just German for ‘sausage.'”  At the end of the round, Elizabeth had $1600, Zeb -$1800, and Jason $12600.  Ouch.
     Movie Directors stumped everyone on 2 of the first 3 clues in the category when Jason added a cool $3000 to his total on this Daily Double: “This ‘Philadelphia Story’ director was patriotically named for Admiral George Dewey.”  Jason went on to sweep Subatomic Mass Persuasion.  Zeb missed the $2000 clue in the category: “In 1998 it was found that these particles that pass through everything at light speed do have mass.”  He said “photons.”  Jason did manage to answer a few clues correctly, though, and wound up on the plus side for Final Jeopardy.  First, Jason (who else?) got a Daily Double and picked up $5500 in The Land Down Under: “Located in a national park, it’s about 1 1/2 miles long and rises 1,142 feet above the desert floor.”  At the end of the round, Elizabeth had $6000, Zeb $1400, and Jason a staggering $37100.  Yes, before Final Jeopardy!  Something tells me I’m glad I didn’t play along with the contestants on this one.
     All three contestants missed the Final Jeopardy clue, although all three were on the right track.  Presidential Relatives: “He defended civil rights as a representative from Massachusetts’ 11th district from 1895-1901.”  Monday should be fun!
     Here are two more calendar clues.  $1000 in “Dress”ed: “Walter Mosley penned this mystery about detective Easy Rawlins searching for a woman in post-World War II Los Angeles.”  And for $1000 in Kick the Cannes: “In 2004, he became the first to win the Palme d’Or for a documentary since Jacques Cousteau in 1956.”

*Brown, Mount Suribachi, wurst, George Cukor, neutrinos, Ayers Rock, John Francis Fitzgerald

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