Robert “Knechts”

     At the end of Friday’s Jeopardy round, Cyd Musni of Florida had $4600, Robert Knecht Schmidt of Ohio had $10600, and Sarah Rubin of MA had $600.  Rubin did not answer ring in at all before the first break, and after the first break only answered two clues correctly.
     Four clues remained on the board in Double Jeopardy when Cyd hit a Daily Double.  The scores were: Cyd 5400, Robert 17400, Sarah 2600.  Here is the clue in Luther: “After deeming his writings heretical, Pope Leo gave Luther 60 days to do this, from the Latin for ‘sing again.'”*  Cyd answered correctly and added $4000 to his score.  He got the rest of the clues on the board except for this one, worth $800 in Luther: “Martin Luther spoke of Aristotle and this man of Ockham, as his teachers.”  Double Jeopardy ended, then, with Cyd having $11000, Robert $17400, and Sarah $2600.  No one got this Final Jeopardy clue correct in Film Legends: “His only competitive Oscar win was for best score in 1973 for a 1952 film in which he had starred as a washed-up comic.”  A toughie!  Cyd lost $10000, Robert lost 4601, and Sarah lost $23.00.  I’ll be curious to see what Robert can do next time.  He doesn’t strike me as a strong champion.
     Incidentally, Cyd said “Deo Volente” again for a response, and this time Mr. Trebek said, “Pardon?”
     Here are my most recent scores.  To paraphrase Mr. Trebek on a Jeopardy! computer game I used to play, “I guess it just wasn’t my day.”:
Matthew Luter, MS 3000
Jennifer Buermann, NJ 0 (BTW, I noticed that she competed in the 2010 American Crossword Puzzle Tournament!  I have to assume it was her, anyway.  Same name, same state.  She came in 174th overall, better than my 281st.)
David Madden, NJ 23999
Me 4798

Andy Rosenberg, NJ 13000
Caleb Whitaker, NC 2300
Monica Vidrio, CA 0
Me 5998

Tom Streit, FL 7200
Jeanie (Hey!) Kyle, AR 1198
Andy Rosenberg, NJ 15800
Me 10402

     And here are the answers to the most recent calendar clues, respectively: dress rehearsal and Roman Polanski.

*recant, William of Ockham, Charlie Chaplin