If you follow me on Twitter or if you’ve noticed my Twitter feed on the right side of this page, you know that, like last year at this time, I have been in Miami for another magical experience at the Sony Ericcson Open.  It’s been almost a week since I blogged!  I’m relieved to be publishing today.  Thanks for being patient.  I got home last night, and just now got caught up on the four episodes of Jeopardy! that I missed.  Here are the Coryat scores:
3-24: Connie McClung 18200     Michael Brown 1800     Megan Barnes 15400     Me 20800
3-25: Julie Ross Godar 12600 (She hosts a website for female bloggers!); Eric Sebert 7400; Megan Barnes 8800    Me 18800
3-28: Denise O’Connor 11600     Trey McCraw 10600     Julie Ross Godar 17000     Me 12400
3-29: Ted Sitting Crow Garner 12800     Jennifer Carlo 8600     Denise O’Connor 8000     Me 22200
     I expect to blog again on Friday.  Til then!