Tuesdays with Sonny

     It’s Christmas, and I had this already filled in here before today: MERRY CHRISTMAS! But as seems to be a trend, I’m in a funk once again right before I blog. It’s been a good, satisfying day with my parents and sister, including a phone call with our big sister. But I feel the need to warn you, not that you’re necessarily gonna notice.
     So who’s “Sonny”? Sometime, maybe last season, Mr. Trebek said his nickname was Sonny. I probably wouldn’t have remembered it but it stuck with a friend, who’s been calling him that ever since. As for “Tuesdays with…”, if you saw today’s show, you get it. If not, you’ll find out below!
     Anyway, like at Thanksgiving, GSN is not showing Jeopardy! for a couple of days, but they’re picking right up where they left off on Wednesday. (Thanks for that, GSN.) 🙂
     Here’s one Coryat from season 28 though. Originally 6-21-12: 22200 (24600 without negs) The first time I played my score was…15400?! 19400 without negs. These never fail to surprise me.
     My decroded phone company (who slowed my phone to a crawl) isn’t letting contestant photos through today. But their names are Kris Hamilton, Tom McGrath, and Beth Copenhaver. Kris won yesterday’s episode. That’s all I have to say about that because I haven’t seen it yet!
     When Mr. Trebek introduced the first category, Unlikely Presidential Siblings, and gave a lengthy explanation, I thought it was enough to keep some clues hidden this round. But we saw them all!
     I got this triple-stumper in I’d Like a Drink: “This ‘worldly’ drink consists of vodka, orange-flavored liqueur, cranberry juice & lime juice.” Have you guys heard of this, in the same category?: “Bourbon, bitters, pernod, sugar & a twist gets you this Crescent City cocktail.”
     I wish I’d rung in on this one in Religion & Flags:

     Tom found the Daily Double of the round before the first break, in Religion & Flags. He had gotten 3 right and had 1200. Kris had also gotten 3 right and had 1800. Beth had gotten one right and one wrong and had -600. Here is the clue: “A wheel of moral law, or dharma, is seen here on this country’s flag.”

     Tom hammed it up and said the correct response in a funky accent, and Mr. Trebek repeated it with the accent.
     The next clue was a triple-stumper I got in Unlikely Presidential Siblings: “‘Father of his country’ & ‘American Gangster’ actor.” I think I’d have gotten this one if I’d had as much as time as usual. (I forget why I stopped the tape at this point.) “Monticello man & sitcom dry-cleaning magnate.”
     At the first break, Beth had gotten 2 right since Tom’s Daily Double and had 0. Tom had gotten one right and had 2400. Kris still had 1800.
     I love when bloggers are on the show and talk about it. (By the way, my dad gave me the book “Blogging for Fame and Fortune” today.) 😀 Today, Tom said he used to have a blog about arena football. I sorta tried to find it and couldn’t. Maybe he‘ll find us and leave a comment!
     My dad got this triple-stumper on which every contestant negged in It’s the Cockatiel Hour, though he said he didn’t know how he knew it: “Discovered there around 1770, cockatiels are native to this continent.” When pressed, my dad said it was the first one he thought of, then said he associates cockatiels with Australia. Since I’ve already included one where I should’ve rung in, why not this one in the same category?: “The difference between male & female becomes apparent after the first of these shedding periods at 6 months.”
     At the end of the round, Tom had gotten 6 right and the one wrong since the break, and had 5400. Beth had gotten 3 right and the one wrong, and had 2000. Kris had gotten 5 right and the one wrong and had 4800.
     Tom found the first Daily Double of the round, in Son of…. He’d gotten 3 right and had 7800. Beth still had 2000, and Kris had 5200 after getting one right. Tom wagered 3000 on this clue: “This common Irish prefix comes from the French for ‘son.'” Tom goes, “If it’s wrong, I’m in trouble what is Mc?” And Mr. Trebek goes, “No. You’re in trouble.” Tom said, “Oh boy,” to laughter from the audience.
     I’d never heard of these two triple-stumpers in Pilgrims: “TThe Mayflower’s cooper (who made & repaired barrels); his descendants with wife Priscilla include Dan Quayle & John Adams.” And “William & Susanna White gave the first English child born in New England this first name that can mean ‘pilgrim.'” None of the contestants rang in on either one.
     Kris found the second Daily Double in Novel “T”s. He’d gotten 7 right since Tom’s Daily Double and had 12800. Beth had gotten one right and one wrong and had 2800. Tom had gotten 6 right and one wrong and had 9200. This time, Mr. Trebek said there was one minute to go in the round, but I wonder if Kris noticed since he was surely thinking about a wager. He wagered 2000 on this clue: “The preface to this mega-bestseller begins, ‘I’d never given much thought to how I would die.'” I thought Kris had a good guess (Tuesdays with Morrie) but it was wrong.
     I might’ve gotten this one but my mom, California-born and -raised, got to it first, in U.S. Mountains: “On August 18, 1873 this mountain near Death Valley was first ascended.”
     My dad said (tongue-in-cheek) about this clue, the last in the round, “So how come Alex is doing the work of the Clue Crew?”:

     One clue was left covered. So at the end of the round, Kris had 12400 (one more right), Beth still had 2800, and Tom had 10400. The Final Jeopardy category was Art & Activism. This was the clue: “Though being added to much more slowly than 20 years ago, it’s now 1.3 million sq. ft., too big to display in one place.” I got this one instantly, and the contestants all got it too. Beth added 1001 and Tom added 10391. Kris wagered enough to beat Tom if he doubled, so he wins with a 2-day total of 37001. Will Kris win tomorrow, and earn enough to make the ToC? I’ll probably include that with my Josh Frumkin Q & A, which will publish tomorrow too. Alistair Bell will follow on Thursday night, and I’ll be back Friday. Andy’s off to a Scrabble tournament in New York. Good luck, Andy!!
     I don’t want to make excuses about my Coryat, but I did watch today’s episode with my family. It’s just a little different. This isn’t a complaint. In fact I give them plenty to complain about (but they don’t and are very patient). But I hope I keep this in mind if this episode ever reruns. My score was 19200 (23000 without negs).