He’s no dumb blonde

     Away we go! Drew is going for his 7th win today! Here he is with his opponents:

Drew Horwood of Minneapolis MN
David Czapka of Wayne NJ


Jillian Mueller of Washington DC

     I was hoping to see Lincoln in Reporting from the State Capital, but it didn’t happen. Did anyone else say “Denver” in response to this clue in the category?: “From Bronco Stadium at halftime of the Potato Bowl.” I was pleased to get this triple-stumper in the same category:

“From Beehive House, built in the 1850s; somehow I expected it to be round.”

     Did it slay you guys when Jillian responded “Khrushchev” to this clue in Time Magazine’s Person of the Year?: “A Soviet leader: 1987 & 1989.”
     At the first break, Drew had already gotten 8 right and had 4200. Jillian had gotten the one wrong and one right, and had 200. David had gotten 4 right and had 1600.
     Is it just me or isn’t a honeymoon in Los Angeles when you’re from Washington DC pretty good…?!
     Drew answered the first clue in the next segment, then came the Daily Double in Time Magazine’s Person of the Year. He had 5000 while of course Jillian and David still had 200 and 1600, respectively. So what’s he gonna do? He wagers 1500 on this clue: “An army general, never president: 1943 & 1947.” Drew took a long time to answer (which I don’t mind at all), and Mr. Trebek took forever to say what the correct response was. Drew was wrong, long story short. I had said the same thing.
     I’ll be showing my family the clues to Found in Germany, once they’re on the archive. I’d just post them all here, but my sister (in Germany) can’t access this blog because it’s blocked! ?!?!? I’d have gone to this category first, but the contestants went there last! I went 3/5, including this triple-stumper: “This former Berlin wall checkpoint, where you can see instruments of escape used by East Germans.” I’ve been there! Maybe the contestants were thrown by being fed half the correct response.
     At the end of the round, Drew had 4500. He’d gotten 4 right and 2 wrong since his Daily Double. Jillian had 2800 after getting 5 right. And David had 3200. He’d gotten 2 right.
     Drew found the Daily Double early in the round, in Playwrights. He’d gotten the one right and had 5300 now. Jillian had gotten one right too, and had 3200. David still had 3200. Drew wagered 1300 on this clue: “Before his first success with ‘Come Blow Your Horn,’ he wrote TV comedy for ‘Your Show of Shows’ & ‘The Phil Silvers Show.'” I got this right on a guess, but I thought Mr. Trebek’s response to Drew’s response of “Eugene O’Neill” was unnecessary. This will get the Sony boards complaining about how Mr. Trebek is “condescending” and “inappropriate,” and “he really needs to be humbled!” (This is all from the title of the thread alone.) Drew did, after all, appear to express doubt at the category alone. What was the problem anyway; does anyone know?
     Well well well, Drew found the other Daily Double in the round, too. He’d gotten 6 right and one wrong since his last one, and had 9200. Jillian had gotten one right and one wrong and had 3200. David had gotten 3 right and had 7200. Drew wagered 1500 on this clue in Latin American History: “Between 1833 & 1855, this general led Mexico 11 different times & was responsible for losing much land to the U.S.” Drew got it right immediately!
     To be fair to Jillian, Drew’s response of “haircut” to this one killed me too in Surgery: “You’ll look at least hours younger after a rhytidectomy, AKA this.” But hey, I negged on it too!
     Was this really a 2000 clue, in Grammy Winners?: “At 1st I was afraid, I was petrified you wouldn’t know Gloria Gaynor won the 1979 best disco recording for this tune.” Way overvalued!
     At the end of the round, Drew had 16300. He’d gotten 6 right and the one wrong since his second Daily Double of the round. Jillian had gotten 2 right and had 5200. David had gotten 5 right and had 15600.
     The Final Jeopardy category was Newspapers, a strong suit for me (or so I thought). This was the clue: “The circulation of the Times of New York & London totals about 1/2 the ‘Times of’ this place, largest of any English daily.” I take this to mean the correct response is an English-language newspaper. India crossed my mind but I ruled it out for that reason. So I was wrong. Jillian got it right and added 1000. David got it wrong and lost 10399, which would’ve given him second place as long as Jillian had an incorrect response. Drew got it wrong but lost only 2 dollars, making him a 7-time champ. This wager got Andy all kinds of excited, and we had quite a discussion about it. He likes the wager and will blog about why this weekend. I hope we hear from Drew about it too. Also because of his good gets – Boise, Richmond, Burn Notice, drivers, continuity, FARC – I wish we weren’t waiting til the next ToC for a Q & A with him. And I wish the archive was up because I think there were more.
     My Coryat today was 27000 (30200 without negs).

ToC update:

1. Drew Horwood $124,296 (7 wins)
2. Joshua Brakhage $103,205 (5 wins)
3. Sara Garnett $75,403 (3 wins)

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