Canterbury trails (and so does Olson)

      Can Drew keep it up today and get his 8th win? Here we go.

Anne Olson of Venice CA
(Stefan said in a comment that she is his college roommate’s sister.) 

Tom Canterbury of Tuscaloosa AL (He strikes me as a cool dude.)

Drew Horwood of Minneapolis MN

     Today had the rockiest of starts for the contestants and I. I had 3000 in negs before the first break. I didn’t have any more, though. I wish I’d kept track on paper so I can tell you how many I got in each category. I first negged on this one in Flags of the World. I have trouble keeping “Nepal” and this correct response straight: “Some people of this region, officially part of China, use a white triangle flag to represent its location among high mountains.”
     So at the first break, Drew was in the hole 600. He’d gotten 3 wrong (in a row!) and 3 right. Anne had 800. She’d gotten 2 right. Tom was in the hole 800. He’d gotten 3 right and 2 wrong.
     Good anecdotes today. Tom and his now-wife were on a quiz bowl team together. We finally learned a little bit about what Drew does as a business analyst. And Anne is a huge Los Angeles Kings fan. She could go on The Experts Show! She lives in Los Angeles, and they’re looking for women. That’s Jerome Vered in that link, by the way. Why not, while I’m at it: Here‘s Hans on the show. Here‘s Vamsi and Cliff Galiher.
     Anne found the Daily Double of the round in Stones. She’d gotten 2 right and one wrong since the break, and had 1600. Tom and Drew had come back. Neither had any negs after the start of this segment. Drew had 1000 (2 right) and Tom had 2000 (5 right). Anne wagered 800 on this clue: “Carved in 196 B.C., its text lists the good things the pharaoh has done for the priests and people of Egypt.” She and I got it right.
     Remember how I learned I’ve been pronouncing “vuvuzela” wrong in one of Drew’s episodes? I’ve been pronouncing this one wrong, too (in my head of course): “The family of this former Patriot linebacker allowed his brain to be studied after his untimely death in 2012.” This was in Ex-Patriots, and it was the only one I got in the category. Making this one overvalued at 2000. This was also the last clue in the round. Drew had gotten 3 right since Anne’s Daily Double and had 3800. Anne still had 2400, and with 3 more right Tom had 4000.
     Drew kept requesting the category “Ex-Pats” in the Jeopardy round. Little did he know there really would be a category with that title in the Double Jeopardy round!
     How could this be a triple-stumper, in Solve the Mystery Title?: “Scott Turow’s second novel ‘The Burden of _____.'” It’s your first guess!
     Tom found the first Daily Double in Females in Greek Myth. I’d expect him to do well here, since he played quiz bowl. He’d gotten 2 right and had 6000. Anne had gotten 2 right also, and had 3600. Drew had gotten 3 right and had 7400. Tom wagered 2400 on this clue: “This daughter (& sister) of Oedipus was with him when he died at Colonus.” I knew it was an “A” name, and since it’s a Daily Double it’s a free guess. I sputtered the right answer with no time left. Tom didn’t get it.
     He found the next Daily Double though, with only 3 clues between them. Drew’d gotten one right and one wrong. Tom had gotten 2 right. Drew had 7800, Anne had 3600 and Tom had 5200. Tom wagered 2600 on this clue: “Its major tributaries include the Spokane, Yakima & Kootenai rivers.” Tom got it wrong again, but there were 3 categories plus one clue left.
     Can anyone explain this clue in Ex-Pats?: “You & Alison both know singer Declan Patrick McManus better by this name.” It stumped the contestants too. In fact I clammed on every clue in the category. Three of them were triple-stumpers.
     I got this triple-stumper in Begins with a Vowel & Ends with “i”: “Hyphenated French term for relaxing ‘after’ a sporting day on the slopes.” I thought I spied Drew checking his score here. And this one in the same category: “This animal is part of the giraffe family, but it has kind of a zebra thing going on with its legs.”
     Drew was too much for his opponents again today. He had 13800 at the end of Double Jeopardy while Anne had 6800 and Tom had 2600. Drew got 4 right after Tom’s second Daily Double. Anne too got 4 right, and one wrong. And Tom got one right and one wrong.
     The Final Jeopardy category was Beatles Songs. Good! Here is the clue: “It was one of the Beatles’ longest songs & the one to spend the most time at No. 1 on the U.S. charts – 9 weeks.” File this under “no-brainers.” All three contestants got it, and Mr. Trebek said they wrote their responses quickly. Tom doubled his score. Anne added 5000. Drew added 4. I’m happy to be blogging his next episode tomorrow.

ToC update:

1. Drew Horwood $138,100 (8 wins)
2. Joshua Brakhage $103,205 (5 wins)
3. Sara Garnett $75,403 (3 wins)

     My Coryat today was 22600 (25600 without negs).

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