She does stand tall

      My Coryat from this weekend’s rerun, originally airing 9-20-11: 30600 (32200 without negs). I went 27/30 in the Jeopardy round with no negs. But Double Jeopardy was as rough for me as it was for the contestants. Like last week, it looks like I was out of town when this episode ran the first time and I didn’t post my Coryat.
ETA: In my haste last night, I forgot to add this week’s contestants:
Tom Carroll of White Plains NY
Michael Carvaines of Parks OH
Pat Clevenger of Chalfant Borough PA
Brian Daner of Washington DC
Joan Kossack of Carol Stream IL
Christine Muldoon of Regina SK Canada
Rebecca Rider of Fresh Meadows NY
Ryan Truchelut of Tallahassee FL
     And today’s contestants:

Rachel Liptak of Temecula CA
Tyson Schindler of Austin TX
Tom Lynn of Baltimore MD

     Rachel is going for her second win today.
     I started out sweeping “Stand” Tall, but I suspect we all did. Mr. Trebek pointed out that the contestants were tied at the end of this category.
     I did add “The” to my response on this one in Ohio History, even though I think that’s lame: “What’s today known as this was established near Columbus in 1870 as an agricultural & mechanical college.” Tom didn’t say it but Mr. Trebek did. And I said what Tyson did on this one in the same category: “People laughed when Dayton’s James Ritty added a bell to this store device, but the noise deterred theft.” I “knew” it after Tyson and I negged.
     Rachel found the Daily Double of the round in U.S. Stamps. Mr. Trebek said she’d “forged into the lead.” She had gotten 7 right so far and had 3400. Tom had gotten 3 right and had 1200. Tyson had gotten one right and the one wrong, and had 400. Rachel wagered 1000. I’d have wagered more since it was so early and the clue was at 1200. I hadn’t known “aloha shirts,” though. This was the Daily Double clue: “A stamp commemorating the bicentennial of the War of 1812 features a painting of this frigate.” The correct response crossed my mind (and I’ve even seen it), but I got this one wrong. So did Rachel.
     Rachel got the next clue right though, and Tyson the next one. The scores at the first break then were: Rachel 3200, Tom 1200, Tyson 1400. At the end of the round, the scores were Rachel 4600, Tom 2800, Tyson 6400!
     I would’ve accepted Rachel’s response to this clue in 1960s Television: “On Nov. 16, 1968 this control agent married 99 in an episode titled ‘With Love and Twitches.'” She said the name of the show, which contains the correct response. I just responded with the guy’s last name but if asked to be more specific, I could’ve been.
     I’ve never heard of this correct response being used in the latter sense, in Vo-cab-ulary: “The cost to ride in a taxi, or the passenger who pays it.” I guessed and got it right anyway, since it was just at 200.
     Tyson got the first Daily Double of the round, at 800 in The End of the Story. He had gotten 3 right and one wrong since the round began, and had 8000. Tom had gotten 5 right and had 9200. Rachel had gotten 2 right and the one wrong and had 6600. I’d have wagered big here, too. Tyson wagered 3000 on this: “The creatures outside looked from pig to man…but already it was impossible to say which was which.” Tyson and I got it right. Mr. Trebek said, “You’re flyin’ high now.” Alas, it was not to last…
     I accepted “Lord of the Rings” for this one, also in The End of the Story: “‘Sam turned to Bywater, and so came back up the hill…he drew a deep breath. ‘Well, I’m back,’ he said.'”
     I’m a little surprised Mr. Trebek didn’t point out Tyson’s response doesn’t have an “r” in it, to this one in Only in Months with an R: “The carnation & snowdrop are special flowers for this month.” And how was this a triple-stumper, in the same category?: “Mark your calendar: It’s the month when National Grandparents Day is celebrated.”
     Poor Tyson is from Texas but he was still negged on this one in Where the Streets Have These Names: “Tom Landry Freeway, Elm Street (AKA Ellum).” Luckily I said the city. Rachel found the second Daily Double in the same category. There was one full category left after this one. She’d gotten 5 right and had 12600. Tom had gotten 4 right and had 12800. Tyson had gotten 3 wrong but still had 7800. Rachel wagered just 1000 on this clue: “Forbes Avenue, Hot Metal Street.” My reception was choppy, so I had to look up the correct response to this one and hope (still) that it’s right. I counted it right for me but I can tell Rachel missed it. She got 4 in the last category right though, and ended the round with 16000. Tom got one of those and ended with 14400. Tyson still had 7800.
     The Final Jeopardy category was The AFI’s 100 Greatest American Movies. This was the clue: “‘The Wizard of Oz’ & this 1950s film are the 2 musicals in the top 10 on the AFI’s list.” I guessed right on this, happily. Rachel’s and Tom’s responses were accepted even though they added a letter. Tyson was flat-out wrong. He lost 6201. Tom added 6000, and Rachel added 12801, making her the champion again!
     I was curious at the end of the show how tall Rachel would look compared to her opponents and Mr. Trebek, so I kept the show on for like the only time. She stood over Tyson who stood over Tom. If she’s reading this: How tall are you?
     Sadly, I missed the clue at the top of Phi Beta Kappa because of the poor reception. I’ve asked what the clue is in two places (here and here), but have yet to get a response as of publishing this. I’m scheduling it because Jon Peter Lewis is appearing on “The Voice” tonight (or tomorrow). And I don’t watch that show! I saw with closed captioning what the correct response was, so I’m gonna assume I’d have gotten it right. My Coryat then is 33800 (35600 without negs).