Can you tell me how to get…

     …how to get to Sesame Street, and how to get tickets to the 30th anniversary tournament, please?!
     My Coryat from this weekend rerun, which originally aired 7-4-13: 28600 (33800 without negs). The first time I played, my score was 24800 (27400 without negs).
     This week’s contestants:
William Bernhardt
Greg Buzzard
Amanda Graves
Erin Hoesly
Julie Huffman
Jason Idalski (Apparently Andy is friends with this guy.)
Kate Kwiatkowski
Theresa Warner
     Cori Wilhelm returns to defend for the first time. I can’t remind you often enough, we’ll be doing a Q & A with her after her appearance. Leave a comment with your questions for her.

Mary Murrell
Marc Muneal

     Mr. Trebek, in a pumpkin-colored tie, opened the show by reminding people to vote for the person they want to see in the 30th anniversary tournament. They’re going bananas over the tournament on jboard.
     First surprising triple-stumper of the day, in Band/Names: “I’d go to Mars with Sixx of my pals to Neil before ’80s hard rock gods like them, right Tommy boy?”
     I got this one in What the…?!, but it was a guess at the last second: “Last name of the Brit who wrote the 1848 tale ‘The Haunted Man’; what the…?!”
     At the first break:
Cori 800 (4 right and one wrong)
Marc 1600 (3 right)
Mary 1400 (4 right and 2 wrong)
     Mr. Trebek said after the break, and I quote, “Welcome back to the Sesame Street version of Jeopardy! Our letter today is ‘m,’ in honor of our challengers.”
     Marc has seen every episode of The Golden Girls at least 10 times. He should go on The Experts Show.
     Second surprising triple-stumper of the day, in The One & Only: “A horse named Comanche was the only survivor from the 7th cavalry after this 1876 battle.”
     Marc dove for a Daily Double with 4 clues remaining in A Journey to Baja California, immediately after Mr. Trebek gave the less-than-a-minute warning.
Cori 3400 (4 right)
Marc 3800 (5 right)
Mary 2000 (One right)
     Marc wagered 1200 on this clue read by Sarah: “Baja’s famous sand dunes are home to a type of plant known as a halophyte; the name means it thrives in environments rich in this compound.” I got this one right but Marc didn’t. We saw just one more clue before the round ended.
Cori 3400
Marc 2600
Mary 3000 (One right)
     The first clue in Double Jeopardy, in Etymology, was another reference to Sesame Street: “The kids of 15th century B.C. Mesopotamia might have liked Samassamu Street; Samassamu gave us this word.”
     Marc found the next Daily Double too, in Trademarks.
Cori 6600 (3 right)
Marc 4600 (2 right)
Mary 4600 (3 right)
     Marc wagered 600 on this clue: “This 5-word boast is the trademark of Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus.” What, no ampersand? Marc got it right.
     I swept the easy Less of the Celeb to Love. I’d have gotten it anyway but at dinner just tonight, I was reading about this: “This famous New Jerseyan had a lap band procedure on President’s Day weekend 2013.”
     You know I had to tweet my congressman this clue in National Monuments: “In 1919 Scotts Bluff National Monument in Nebraska was established to commemorate this pioneer trail.” He lives in that area.
     Of course there were clues remaining at the end of the round.
Cori 10200 (5 right and 2 wrong)
Marc 11600 (6 right and 2 wrong)
Mary 4600 (4 right and 2 wrong)
     The Final Jeopardy category was Toys. I thought I’d get this one, before seeing the clue: “A caveman-themed game in which ‘rocks’ were thrown at other players led to the creation of this product in 1969.” This clue sucks, in my opinion. I mean the correct response barely qualifies as a toy. Mary got it right though! She added 2500. Cori was close but not close enough and lost all but 2 dollars. Marc was wrong too and lost 10000. Mary, in a distant third all the time, is the new champion.
     My Coryat today was 25600 (29400 without negs).