Quick Recap – September 14, 2015

     Surprised? 😉 Me too.
     Andy wanted us to do recaps again in case anyone wants an alternative to other sites. I’m curious how you feel about this – want more? less? – so never be shy about letting us know.
     Today’s contestants:

Ed Kim, Whittier, CA

Rook Thomas Hine, Brunswick, ME 

Tara Anderson, Prospect, KY (1-day champ, $17,500)

     Scores going into the final:
Tara: 22000
Rook: 13200
Ed: 17200
     The final, in American Poems: “The title of this poem that begins the 1916 book ‘Mountain Interval’ was inspired by long country walks.”
Tara: 22000 – 12500
Rook: 13200 – 13200
Ed: 17200 – 0
     That was fun, actually. My Coryat today was 33400.

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