Quick Recap – September 15, 2015

Thanks so far for all of the feedback we’ve received regarding our choice to start recapping again! We really appreciate it! Remember to tune in tonight for the last of the semifinals of the Tournament of Panelists!

Today’s players:

Audrey Watkins-Fox, a mortgage co-ordinator from Lockport, NY

Andy Anderson, a high school math teacher from Batavia, IL

Ed Kim, a small business owner from Whittier, CA (who won $17,200 yesterday)

Scores going into Final:
Ed $18,000
Audrey $12,700
Andy $3,400

Final Jeopardy! category: GREAT THINKERS

FJ! clue: 239 years ago he wrote of “the enormous debts which… will in the long run probably ruin all the great nations of Europe”

(To me: this was an easy final. Quickly doing the math in my head brought me to 1776 – which was the publication year of the work in question.)

Andy 3400 – 3400 = 0
Audrey 12700 + 12700 = 25400
Ed 18000 – 7401 = 10599

So, Audrey will be back tomorrow to defend!

(contestant photo credit: jeopardy.com)

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