Quick Recap & Today’s Final Jeopardy – January 11, 2017

Here’s tonight’s Final Jeopardy answer and question for Wednesday, January 11, 2017:

Final Jeopardy! category: SHAKESPEARE

Final Jeopardy! clue/answer: With a backdrop of war, the 1609 play titled “The History of” this pair takes place earlier than any Shakespeare history play

(correct response beneath the contestants)

Today’s contestants:

Alain Norman, a foreign service officer from Silver Spring, Maryland
Zoey Orol, an attorney from New York, New York
Colby Taylor, an assistant professor of psychology from Olive Branch, Mississippi (1-day total: $18,399)


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What is Troilus and Cressida?


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Set during the Trojan War, Troilus and Cressida, first published in 1609 (though written in 1602), does have an earlier setting than any other of his history plays. Note that the clue does not explicitly classify Troilus and Cressida as a history play (even though “The History Of” appears in its full title) — even Britannica says its genre is anomalous — the clue does say it takes place earlier than the plays more generally agreed to as his history plays. Again, any misinterpretation here, in my opinion, would not be the fault of the show, as a careful reading pins the correct response here to only Troilus and Cressida.

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2 Comments on "Quick Recap & Today’s Final Jeopardy – January 11, 2017"

  1. Andy Saunders | January 11, 2017 at 12:30 pm |

    Scores going into Final:
    Colby $10,200
    Zoey $9,400
    Alain $6,400

    Final results:
    Alain $6,400 – $5,000 = $1,400 = (What is Anthony & Cleopatra?)
    Zoey $9,400 – $5,000 = $4,400 = (What is Antony & Cleopatra?) (1-day total: $4,400)
    Colby $10,200 – $9,401 = $799 (What are Tristan & Isolde?)

    Scores after the Jeopardy! Round:
    Colby $4,800
    Zoey $4,600
    Alain $2,000

    Opening break taken after: 15 clues

    Daily Double locations:
    1) AUSTRALIANA $600 (11th pick)
    Alain 600 +600 (Colby 1800 Zoey 1000)

    2) THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL $2000 (11th pick)
    Colby 9600 +2000 (Zoey 4600 Alain 2800)
    3) HUMANITARIANS $800 (12th pick)
    Colby 11600 -3000 (Zoey 4600 Alain 2800)

    Unplayed clues:
    J! round: HBO, GO! $1000
    DJ! round: ’80s NO. 1 ALBUMS $1600 & $2000
    $ Left On Board: $4,600

    Game Stats:
    Zoey $9,400 Coryat, 10 correct, 0 incorrect, 18.52% in first on buzzer
    Alain $6,400 Coryat, 12 correct, 3 incorrect, 25.93% in first on buzzer
    Colby $13,200 Coryat, 22 correct, 3 incorrect, 38.89% in first on buzzer

    Lach Trash: $13,600

    Colby Taylor, final stats:
    47 correct
    7 incorrect
    2/4 on Daily Doubles (Net Earned: $-1,000)
    0/2 in Final Jeopardy
    40.54% in first on buzzer (45/111)
    Average Coryat: $17,200

    Zoey Orol, stats to date:
    10 correct
    1 incorrect
    0/0 on Daily Doubles
    0/1 in Final Jeopardy
    18.52% in first on buzzer (10/54)
    Average Coryat: $9,400

    Zoey Orol, to win:
    2 games: 31.03%
    3: 9.63%
    4: 2.99%
    5: 0.93%
    6: 0.29%
    Avg. streak: 1.450 games.
    Average Future Winnings (including ToC): $10,930


    • This is the 12th straight game in which the leader going into Final Jeopardy! has failed to get Final Jeopardy! correct (the last time a leader did: December 26.)
  2. I although it is nice to have guest appearance of stars giving a full category do answers. It usually takes much more time than Alex reading them him self. Also Alex spends way to much time giving explanations to answers and carrying on about it. Both of these examples a lot of times cause the time to run out and we a lot of the answers don not get read because of running out of time. This is very frustrating as a huge fan of the show. With that said I never miss a show and my family watch every night and if we are away we always DVR and watch at a later time. Love this show along with wheel of fortune. Just get a little frustrated when all the clues aren’t read because of time especially when I am on a streak and have some knowledge of the category. Like tonight 1-11-2017 didn’t get to see the rest of the 80’s albumn clues. I’m an 80’s buff and was a little disappointed lol. Will still continue to watch my favorite game show. Randy from Indaiana.

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