Today’s Final Jeopardy – July 4, 2017

Happy Fourth of July! Here’s today’s Final Jeopardy (in the category Classic Children’s Literature) for Tuesday, July 4, 2017:

A 2016 biography of a children’s author is titled “In the Great Green Room”, a line from this classic book

(correct response beneath the contestants)

Today’s contestants:

Robert D’Emilio, a writer from Ridgewood, New York
Robert D'Emilio on Jeopardy!
Jacob Farrell, a strategy consultant from Washington, D.C.
Jacob Farrell on Jeopardy!
Jon Eisenman, an attorney from Los Angeles, California (2-day total: $45,100)
Jon Eisenman on Jeopardy!

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What is “Goodnight, Moon”?


Looking to find out who won Jeopardy! tonight? Today’s Jeopardy! results and will go up on this page late afternoon, with full stats early to late evening. They will be seen in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

“In the great green room there was a telephone and a red balloon and a picture of the cow jumping over the moon.” Margaret Wise Brown was the author of the 1947 classic children’s literature work “Goodnight, Moon”. Amy Gary wrote the 2016 biography titled “In the Great Green Room: The Brilliant and Bold Life of Margaret Wise Brown”.

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7 Comments on "Today’s Final Jeopardy – July 4, 2017"

  1. Scores going into Final:
    Jon $19,600
    Robert $6,200
    Jacob $3,500

    Final results:
    Jacob $3,500 – $2,000 = $1,500 (What is Eloise at the Plaza?)
    Robert $6,200 – $801 = $5,399 (What is The Velveteen Rabbit?)
    Jon $19,600 – $400 = $19,200 (What is :)?) (3-day total: $64,300)

    Scores after the Jeopardy! Round:
    Jon $5,200
    Robert $4,200
    Jacob $4,000

    Opening break taken after: 15 clues

    Daily Double locations:
    1) CASINO ROYALE $600 (1st pick)
    Jon 0 +600 (Jacob 0 Robert 0)

    2) LOOK AT THOSE CURVES $1200 (3rd pick)
    Jacob 4400 -1200 (Jon 5200 Robert 4200)
    Jacob 6000 -2500 (Jon 13600 Robert 6200)
    Overall Daily Double Efficiency for this game: -9

    Unplayed clues:
    J! round: None!
    Total $ left on board: $1,200

    Game Stats:
    Jon $19,600 Coryat, 23 correct, 2 incorrect, 41.82% in first on buzzer
    Robert $6,200 Coryat, 12 correct, 2 incorrect, 23.64% in first on buzzer
    Jacob $7,200 Coryat, 12 correct, 5 incorrect, 25.45% in first on buzzer
    Lach Trash: $10,400 (on 9 Triple Stumpers)
    Coryat lost to incorrect responses (less double-correct responses): $9,400

    Jon Eisenman, stats to date:
    64 correct
    7 incorrect
    3/5 on Daily Doubles (Net Earned: -$1,300)
    2/3 in Final Jeopardy
    33.93% in first on buzzer (57/168)
    Average Coryat: $16,200

    Jon Eisenman, to win:
    4 games: 56.19%
    5: 31.58%
    6: 17.74%
    7: 9.97%
    8: 5.60%
    Avg. streak: 4.283 games.

    With a projected 38 regular-play games to go prior to the Tournament of Champions cutoff, after 250,000 simulations, our model shows:
    An average of 1.4913 5+-time champions (standard deviation 0.94548).
    An average of 2.4519 4+-time champions (standard deviation 1.1323).

    An early cutoff took place 1.871% of the time (or a 5-game winner will be left out).

    Jon Eisenman qualified 36.668% of the time.
    Tim Kutz qualified 75.020% of the time.
    Todd Giese qualified 28.744% of the time.
    Rob Liguori qualified 4.601% of the time.

  2. If Robert’s mentioned as a “writer”, you would suppose he would get a wheelhouse category like Classic Children’s Literature. If this becomes a 2:1 (Right/Wrong) ratio, that would shock me.

  3. Louann Stewart | July 4, 2017 at 7:38 pm |

    When Jon answered the 60’s Pop question regarding the Iron Butterfy song, it sure sounded to me like he said “in a Gadda da Vina”, instead of da Vida. Am I just losing my hearing????!!!

    • After my not-particularly-scientific attempt to pronounce both words:

      If one is able to definitively tell the difference between “vina” and “vida”, I don’t think one’s hearing is an issue.

      That said: the judging panel has a direct audio link to each contestant’s microphone and they review every response. If they felt the contestant said “Vina” and not “Vida”, they would have gone back and made a score correction.

    • Steve Kochis | July 10, 2017 at 4:05 pm |

      Louann –

      I heard the same thing you did. He definitely said “vina”. I was waiting for them to make a correction.


      • I personally hold a much different opinion. I saw nothing wrong the first time, and definitely heard “vida” the second time I watched, specifically to figure out what he said.

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