This Week’s Contestants – October 16-20, 2017

We’ve got three weeks left to the Tournament of Champions! Navy officer Manny Abell returns as champion and 10 more challengers join him!

Also, remember that there’s a fake Austin Rogers hanging out on Twitter! Make sure you’re hearing the thoughts of the right one.

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Manny Abell
Lacey, Washington
Manny Abell on Jeopardy!
Emily Wilson
Brooklyn, New York
Emily Wilson on Jeopardy!
Jayanthi Martins
Austin, Texas
Jayanthi Martins on Jeopardy!
Carlos Nobleza Posas
Salt Lake City, Utah
Carlos Nobleza Posas on Jeopardy!
Fran Fried
Prospect, Connecticut
Fran Fried on Jeopardy!


Joanna Kimmitt
Long Beach, California
Joanna Kimmitt on Jeopardy!
Chelsea Feltman
Brooklyn, New York
Chelsea Feltman on Jeopardy!
Justin Broughman
Strasburg, Virginia
Justin Broughman on Jeopardy!
Tom Blake
New York, New York
Tom Blake on Jeopardy!
Tim Suba
Los Angeles, California
Tim Suba on Jeopardy!
Kathleen Kosman
Dearborn, Michigan
Kathleen Kosman on Jeopardy!

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