Beware The Fake Austin Rogers!

Updated, November 7, 2015: The fake Austin Rogers account was suspended earlier this evening by Twitter.

If you’ve been on Twitter the past few days, you might have been a bit confused. There’s a second person claiming to be recent super-champion Austin Rogers!

The impostor has been duping Jeopardy! fans and brands all over by his pretending to be the recent 12-game champion, to the point that some fans have even refused to believe that the real Austin is actually Austin!

For the record: The real Austin Rogers can be found on Twitter at @austintylerro – The impostor is @JeopardyRogers.

Since the fake Austin appears to have no intention of stopping his charade, in spite of the real Austin being verified by Twitter, users on the platform should ensure they are dealing with the real Austin.

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  1. Kelly Lasiter | October 15, 2017 at 2:51 pm |

    Accept no substitute!

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