This Week’s Contestants – October 23-27, 2017

We’re now 2 weeks away from the Tournament of Champions, with Kathleen Kosman — broken ankle and all — returning as champion. 10 challengers will be joining her!

Also, remember that there’s a fake Austin Rogers hanging out on Twitter! Make sure you’re hearing the thoughts of the right one!

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Kathleen Kosman
Dearborn, Michigan
Kathleen Kosman on Jeopardy!
Marcus Leung
San Francisco, California
Marcus Leung on Jeopardy!
Nan Bauer
Brooklyn, Michigan
Nan Bauer on Jeopardy!
Kristina Witzling
Flemington, New Jersey
Kristina Witzling on Jeopardy!
Rod Swain
Columbus, Ohio
Rod Swain on Jeopardy!


Edgar Castillo
Brooklyn, New york
Edgar Castillo on Jeopardy!
Mary Grace Buckley
St. Louis, Missouri
Mary Grace Buckley on Jeopardy!
Erica Irving
Washington, DC
Erica Irving on Jeopardy!
Phil Kohn
Colonia, New Jersey
Phil Kohn on Jeopardy!
Ashley Phillips
Lantana, Texas
Ashley Phillips on Jeopardy!
Anand Kandaswamy
Washington, DC
Anand Kandaswamy on Jeopardy!

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4 Comments on "This Week’s Contestants – October 23-27, 2017"

  1. Like last week, three players from WABC territory (Kristina, Edgar, and Phil), running its count up to 12 of the 70 challengers.

    Markets appearing this week for the first time in Season 34:
    Dallas-Ft. Worth (Ashley)
    S.F. Bay Area (Marcus)
    St. Louis (Mary Grace)
    Toledo (Nan)

  2. I remembered watching a CinemaSins video, and seeing this new batch of competitors, I remembered a comment saying “In case you confused it with [Same city, different area]”.

    Here, CinemaSins would say “In case you confused it with Brooklyn, New York.”

  3. Fred Vaughn | October 23, 2017 at 5:14 pm |

    Nan could count for Lansing, TBH, Matt.

    • It looked like both Toledo and Lansing were given as possibilities when I inputted 49230 into “where to watch”; since WTOL was at the top, that’s what I went with. But then again, a big impetus for me to compile my list was that the show’s data has some errors.

      “Brooklyn (formerly Swainsville) is a village in Jackson County…” On that basis, upon further review, the ruling is changed.

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