Jeopardy! Aiming to Resume Production Very Soon

Jeopardy! is aiming to resume production in the very near future, The Jeopardy! Fan has learned.

There are reports of contestants being given tape dates in early August. The show has been on a production hiatus since March due to COVID-19.

There is currently no word as to whether or not current returning champion Zach Newkirk will be able to return; there is, however, a precedent for contestants not being able to return and resuming their run at a future date.

As per Alex’s interview on Tuesday’s Good Morning America, there will be changes to the set: the contestant lecterns have been separated in order to ensure contestants remain six feet apart.

The show currently is dipping into the vault of past episodes and has reruns scheduled until September 11; Season 37 looks like it will likely begin on September 14 on schedule.

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8 Comments on "Jeopardy! Aiming to Resume Production Very Soon"

  1. This is great news, Andy!

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Good news. Also, Iā€™m finding the vintage games annoying. Is it just me (and I should therefore get over it) or do others share my discomfort?

    • Gary Kevin Ware | July 23, 2020 at 1:30 am |

      As I mentioned in another comment, I think that Alex is making too many extraneous comments, and there are the extra interruptions from the audience. Fortunately, on tonight’s episode, there weren’t nearly as many unplayed clues. I also noticed, for the first time tonight, that the camera would zoom in on a contestant who was answering, and then zoom out again to show the player’s new score. There was already the lag between the selection of a clue and the zooming in when Alex reads it.

  3. Brad (not Rutter) | July 22, 2020 at 7:10 pm |

    Excellent!! Actually, I am really enjoying the vintage games but don’t want to watch them for months on end.

  4. Marty Cunningham | July 23, 2020 at 2:01 pm |

    Curious if they will also still have Alex taking photos with the contestants during the first break and, if he still does, he will have to watch his step going between the podiums as they lift up contestants to all be at the same level for big, pan shots. It was easier for him to move from one to the next when everything was connected. There is a cardboard standee of him in the lobby, for photo ops, but not quite the same thing.

    Also, curious if Alex will still shake contestant’s hands, at least the new champ, at the end of each show.

    Those were both great parts of the contestant experience, it would be sad to see if they had to do away with either or both of them, but maybe worth it to protect Alex.

  5. for we, younger folk, it would be really fun to see super vintage all-stars in their streaks, and do a few weeks of most memorable contestants through the decades — have one week each be dedicated to their original 5-day run, starting w/ guys in 70s/80s…

    i have always contributed from the game theory purview, and i feel like that’s where it has (smartly) evolved to (it is a game). but bringing that old school sense of ~this is a game about being smart~ would bring a sense of nostalgia for older guys and a sense of this is the original purpose for younger guys (and not just talking about guys in their teens/20s… people, who were 30, when brad r. went on his run, were 10!, 10!)

    • p.s. i feel like this is why james gets a lot of grief from older guys… he bragged about studying for it w/ children’s books, had always been playfully sassy w// previous standouts, and had played it as a game.

  6. Fred Vaughn | July 24, 2020 at 10:03 am |

    I’m assuming no audience still.

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